The Anatomy of Change

The Art of Change (2)

“Those who cannot change their mind, they cannot change anything” – George Bernard Shaw

We all have a relationship with Change. At times we want to change things in our life, other times life throws at us circumstance we wish were different. At times we resist change, other times we just know that without it we remain stuck.

Change can be disorientating, frustrating and feel like an endless battle. It can also be liberating, exciting and bring fresh perspective to our life and the more you know about your brain, the more successfully you can navigate through changes in your life.

In this fun workshop I will show you how your brain can help you handle all things challenging in your life- be it your relationships or work.

  • Are you in the midst of change and crave clear insights, simple, heart-driven solutions for your challenges?
  • Do you feel like spiralling out of control and want to move forward with strength, clarity and courage?
  • Are you overwhelmed, confused and wish you had a clear picture of what is trying to happen in your life?

In this workshop we will explore key essentials of neuroscience behind the brain’s resistance to change, tap into multiple possibilities for your life and you will walk away with a deep sense of knowing what to do next in your life.

Contact me for more information or click here to book your ticket:



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