The PlayHouse in Ronda, Spain (Sept 17-21)

I am offering the signature retreat so that you can put all your heavy responsibilities away, play for 4 days and figure out your next steps in life in a fun way. I have created a PlayHouse – The Place Where Smart People Grow!

In this retreat you will:

• Realize that your decisions don’t come down to yes/no, black or white, and discover a whole range of new perspectives you had never thought about before.
• Engage in a deep exploration of what is possible for you and for your life.
• Find what works best for you, and drop every assumption or weight you are carrying that doesn’t serve you.

Let me tell you about this amazing PlayHouse! It is a luxurious rural retreat run by my co-leader for this retreat, Gabriela Chidgey. Her house, situated in the quiet of the Andalucian countryside, at the end of a sleepy white village outside of Ronda, is a place like no other! Here is a little preview:

What will we be doing?
We will eat local, Spanish food, swim in the pool and watch the sunset while we play with some of our thoughts, emotions and solve our ongoing dilemmas.
We will enjoy a beautiful garden, the delicious September air and a range of activities tickling your brain while we put aside your heavy worries and create more space for your heart.
We will definitely laugh a lot, move our bodies and reinvigorate our stuck energies so that we can step back into the world clear eyed and fresh, like the Andalucian fruit.

When: 17-21 September 2015

You really do not want to miss this! Please send me an email to for more details, prices and the registration process.

Come and see your life in a new light, be where smart people grow and find your next steps in life!

Welcome to the PlayHouse!

To Your HeartSmart life,



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