Just over a year ago I set foot on a wondrous land, Andalucia. I came with the hope of change and transformation and to write my book in the magnificent mountains of Ronda. What I have found was more than that – I found what I truly want in the world.

As a coach and business owner I know how important decisions are! We, adults, do not play enough and we make life’s most important decisions in the hard, complicated way. We are often stuck with the YES or NO and can be overwhelmed to solve problems when our heart is suffering and our mind is blocked.

I also know that there is a smarter, more playful way. We need to play more so we can live more!

There are still places left on the HeartSmart signature retreat – The PlayHouse Retreat in the beautiful Andalusian city of Ronda in Spain between September 17th-21st. Read more about it here.


4 thoughts on “Retreats

  1. Salaams sister
    How much is the cost of the retreat. What is covered within the cost.
    Do i need to arrange my flights.
    Is the accommodation covered in the cosr.
    Thank you

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