The Heart Project

I am excited to share with you that I have embarked on a journey to write a book based on stories of the Heart and Purpose. My journey started when I was a young girl, witnessing my own yearning to live from my heart fully and create a life story that would express that deep … More The Heart Project

Love, actually!

I love the word love! It sounds like an echo from the depth of a cave. It looks like a string you are pulling, gently, playfully! It is inviting and intriguing as much as it is scary and it is not a light word. It carries weight and substance.   The word Love is perhaps … More Love, actually!

Silence always gives us all the answers

A Sufi master and his disciple were walking across a desert in Africa. When night fell, they pitched their tent and lay down to rest. ‘How silent it is!’ said the disciple. ‘Never say “how silent it is”,’ replied the teacher. ‘Say rather: “I cannot hear nature”. (Paulo Coelho) Most spiritual traditions promote silence as … More Silence always gives us all the answers