Henrietta Szovati

I am ( in no particular order)- a coffee snob, a life and corporate coach, an avid traveller, a mother, an ex-perfectionist, a fabulous homemaker, a writer and an evolving human being (but aren’t we all?).

Why do I blog? Well, I am fascinated by human development, adult learning models, neuroscience and coaching so I want to bring stories and discoveries to people to inspire them to better their chances for a more fulfilling life.

The world needs more hearts today. Homes need more heart. Corporations need more heart. When we become comfortable with our hearts, suddenly our career, family and life becomes a playground, not a battle field. Do you want to spend the rest of your life playing or fighting?

When we are used to reflection, we learn a lesson from everything and life unfolds beautifully and naturally. When we think and feel in synergy, we exist in harmony and our heart beats the same rhythm as the universe. …except some of us are too scared to follow our hearts even though we know that heart always makes the best decision. You do not believe me, do you?

I dare you…..The longest journey we ever make is between the mind and the heart- on that path we find wisdom.

I do not know all the answers but my intuition, curiosity and inquisitive nature has brought me to some great places and people in my life. I do not know the secrets of the perfectly happy life but I have a few tricks in my bag to make it a spiritual, deep and a fun adventure!


4 thoughts on “Henrietta Szovati

  1. Wow!!! Just seen you on BMTV and really looking forward to your book…I am a british muslim convert just getting to the next level of practising my faith and think this will really help me…may Allah bless you for all you do .. I am trying to start my hearts desire as an artist – Islamic mixed media and other quirky things so inshallah it will be an inspiration reading it as you have been this morning …

    Best wishes and salaams


  2. You are a wonderful, inspiring woman who lives from her true self which reaches everyone else in a way that we are meant to be reached. Thank you for being willing and strong to reach that place yourself and for being true enough to share that higher self with others. You are a gift, as we all are, but I thank God that you have realised it and have the capacity to help others to also. Blessings and enrichment to you always dear sister.

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