The Power of Words


December is the month of reflection and slow, intentional planning in our household. I have a spiritual rigmarole to make sure we think independently and collectively as we plan our activities. There is only one rule about this in our house- we must plan what we LOVE doing, not just what we Ought to…

Silence is a practice we have cultivated over the years and this month I have gained a deep, new insight about the benefits of it that is so needed in the world.

The paradox of the modern world is that we live in the overflow of words but we lack real language to express how we feel, what is going on with us and what we need. We use structured, well-crafted, engineered sentences to express who we are but we lack deep, heartfelt truthful honest speech from our core integrity and it is costing us. Our heart suffers because it is trying to say things but we suppress the beautiful words because they are dreamlike, impossible or too honest.

As a coach, one of my greatest values is Honesty, with capital H. Without adequate words, meaning and deep resonance we cannot create an honest life. With the contemplative practice of silence we have the possibility to hear words that can heal and move us forward, instead of fighting the words of denial that corrodes the heart.

Words have power and they fulfil their destiny by bringing meaning to our life. They have a depth and value and they are destined to fulfil their mission by being articulated where and when they are necessary. Often one truthful word can change the course of our lives. Silence can draw us nearer to wisdom and while we think too much, rack our brain for solution or make irrational, agile assumptions, with silence we gain the power to listen to the subtle whispers of the heart.

Then slowly the chatter in the brain withdraws and gives way to curiosity, truth seeking and connection with others and the world. In those moments, we find wholesome words that come through the layers of unconscious conditioning and mental rigidity and life returns to our bones. We start feeling alive once again, daring to dream, say the truth and own ourselves.

I think this is one of the most important works we will ever do for ourselves- listen well and know what to do with the thoughts and words making their way. These are the moments of deep, resonant, purposeful living where we choose instead of letting others choose for us. In these moments, we dare to talk about what is challenging, hard or even impossible in our lives. We dare to ask what needs to change so we lead our life  in a better, more fulfilling way.

If you are intrigued to work with your hidden heart, you know you can find me here:

I would love to help you unearth your hidden words of truth about your life. You will not regret it, I promise!

To your HeartSmart Life,




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