The Science of Intuition

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“Intuition is suspension of logic due to impatience.” Rita Mae Brown

You cannot live life from your heart without understanding intuition. Punto. I have been fascinated by this topic for years and I have changed my life multiple times based on this. I followed my intuition (read: heart) when considering my home town (three thousand miles away from my birthplace), married my darling man (million miles away from my own culture) and finding my mission in life (light years after the first time I sketched my first short story as a young writer).

I have a dangerous liaison with intuition…. which is just another way to say that it put me in trouble at times but changed me for the better most occasions. Intuition has become the most potent tool I use in my coaching and here are a few interesting facts about why I think you should consider it as a way to expand your capacity for joy, adventure and wholehearted living.

The word intuition comes from the Latin intuir, meaning ‘knowledge from within.’ There is nothing more pleasurable than getting to know yourself and use that knowledge to better yourself and your life. Really, believe me, I have seen so many people glowing after they understood who they were (that includes me….).

Intuition in my work as a coach does not have a great reputation. Until recently, intuition, like consciousness, was the sort of thing scientists would not approach as it has been considered as engaging in New Age woo-woo rather than serious science. After years of coaching corporate clients, I disagree. Intuition is the engine to heartsmart relationships and creating working environment because for intuition to be powerful you need both your heart and your brain!

Surprised? Let’s see what we know about it from science

William James, the father of modern psychology first proposed the idea that perception of anything takes place in two different ways: One is associative (read: effortless and fast) while the other is on a rational level, that requires slow, deliberate, analytical efforts.

From modern science we now know that there are two operating systems in our brain that help us make decisions. The first operating system is controlled by the right brain and it is quick, intellectual and subconscious. The second operating system is our left brain controlled slow, conscious analysis and it may comes as no surprise that the first one knows the answer BEFORE the second does. Voila! Your intuition, when in full swing, knows the right answer before you have thought it through and gnawed on all the negatives of your dilemma that would stop you from choosing from your gut just because “it is not smart enough”. The signals come from your gut and heart that is directly connected to your right brain, so you bypass your left brain to find soul satisfying answers to your heady questions. To me, there is nothing smarter than choosing from knowledge from within, don’t you think?

Intuition is a smart skill that not only enhances your ability to lead a heart-centred and powerfully guided life but it also smartens your chances to find the job you love, make choices that feel right, tap into your heart’s wisdom and create your life and work based on your values, passions and bring meaning to the world.

We also know from modern science that intuition is a domain-specific ability and while we all have some intuition at birth, we develop intuition as we grow. It is also clear that can be very intuitive about one thing (say, hunting or playing chess) and others about things we have no knowledge of.

Intuition gets better with practice, since the bottom-line about intuition is that it is the brain’s ability to pick up certain recurring patterns. The more we are exposed to a particular pattern, the quicker we become in picking up relevant patterns and the quicker we can respond and make a decision.

So here are my questions for you today:

  1. If you acted from your intuition today, what would you do? Seriously, what would you Do?

  2. What is your intuition is telling you about a current dilemma? Tune in and listen deeply, you already have the answer….

If you are intrigued by this smart skill, let us connect! I would love to share thoughts with you! As a coach I am very intuitive about my clients’ hidden beliefs about themselves, their fears and tangled thoughts. I am also brave enough to work with your greatest enemies of negative thinking patterns and fears. And I am playful enough to make it fun for you so you actually enjoy your learning, changing and transforming your life!

You can connect with me here on my online diary:


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