Three Secrets Coaching Programme

The ” Three Secrets” programme has been designed for smart and hearty individuals who are at a crossroad of career, relationships or are in the middle of a life changing event in their life.
It is for people who already know they would like to change but not sure what direction they wish to take.  They feel ready to start discovering what would feed their heart; bring meaning to their life and how best they can contribute to the world with their skills, passions and experiences they have gathered throughout years of their life and work experiences.
Together we will discover what truly matters to you, what is your ideal environment is and most importantly what consistent steps you will need to take to get there.
I have designed this programme for people like you to give you a powerful opportunity to look deep within, listen to your heart as well as get equipped and supported to steer your life with intention. My passion is to help you by using my most powerful skills I have as a coach- identifying, clarifying and simplifying.
This programme consists of 3 coaching session and through this we will work with my three distinct principles of success:
·         Identify– what your heart is yearning for, what is holding you back from taking steps and where you can grow to create that really suits your needs, wants,  and feeds your dreams.
·         Clarify– your ideal living and working conditions, what drives you in life and how you can step into your personal power to design your life, your way. 
·         Simplify-the complexities of your thoughts and emotions that are not serving you, create a tangible, doable action plan for your next steps and evaluate your progress to find your next steps.
As a result of this programme you will:
·         Be clear about your heart’s desire
·         Know your blind spots and what is holding you back
·         Become equipped with skills to work with negative thoughts and emotions powerfully
·         Understand what really drives and motivates you in life
·         Create a practical action plan for the next phase of your life ….and perhaps more importantly…
·         …Have a lot of fun designing your new life!
Book your session here:

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