This is How It Looks Like When You Follow Your Heart

freedom of thinking

There was nothing I wanted more than following my heart on many occasions in life. I wanted a successful business, a thriving family and a daily schedule that feeds my soul. I wanted to work from integrity and meaning instead of running around in circles, making money without making any difference in the world. My life felt that I was living it with a blindfold on.

Then the opportunity to follow my heart came and I jumped at it. YES- I punched the air, I will just move over to Andalucia, write my book and my life will be plain sailing after all. I thought following my heart would solve all my issues and tidy up my life to precisely sliced happiness pieces. You know, because this is what we are taught to believe about happiness. Yikes!

Fast forward 18 months, this is what I know now:

  • Contentment and success does not emanate from the outside

    I feel this truth so deeply when I drive in the stunning countryside amongst the rolling hills feeling as small, frustrated and unfulfilled as I felt in London driving on the North Circular road. True contentment is not a station to arrive at, it is a resonance of the heart you feel and you do not need to move your life to the other side of Europe. You can create this anywhere and anytime. You just need to listen to your intuitions, your body wisdom and let your heart speak.

  • Pain, disappointments and failures will never disappear

    Full stop. There will be days when you wake up irritated and want to throw in the towel. There will be days when getting out of bed seems mission impossible. You will want to give up and go back to what is familiar, easy and whatever takes less energy than following your heart. But the truth is that when you make friends with our aching, disappointed self, leverage your failures you become real. You then have the strength to create strategies for your life that works for you, not for anyone else. This takes a lot of guts and it is liberating.

  • When you truly follow your heart, it will reshuffle your life, your relationships, re-position your values and unearth your principles

    Some will stay, some will go. The good news is that whoever stays is of real value. Whatever leaves you needed to go from your life longer than you dare to admit. Be honest with yourself and don’t be scared of letting go whatever and whoever needs to go because when they are gone, you have a lot more free space to channel your energy into creating your life.

  • You will question, double guess and interrogate yourself more than ever in your life

    because following your heart means following the universal principles of honesty, courage and wisdom. This is what your heart gives you. It makes you stop lying about yourself. It releases your natural energies and it clears your head.

  • You will fail and fail over and over again

    And this is why following your heart is so important because when you have not failed, you have not tried or lived. You exist in a cosy cocoon looking out wishing, dreaming and desiring instead of trying, learning and being real in the world.

I know you have dreams, aspirations and ideas that are pushing you from the inside. I know you want your life to be meaningful, exciting and yours! Let me help you. I have a few strategies that will support your discovery and keep you close to your heart and solutions to your dilemmas are just a click away!

Here is my online diary for a free session with me:



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