10 Signs You are Ready to listen to your Heart

alcantarilla gardenOver the summer holidays I have been asked multiple times about my work and why I do what I do. The most frequent question I got was this:

…BUT HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU NEED TO FOLLOW YOUR HEART? I mean, really. We live in an age where smartness is gold, how do you find time, energy and the motivation to follow your heart?
I do not think it is about time, energy or motivation. It is about courage, clarity and honesty in my world that takes you to your heart. As a smart spiritual who loves everything brainy, I know how hard it is to follow your heart, I have been doing it myself. I also know a thing or two about the challenges of heart –centred living, working and relating.

So here are my 10 clues that your heart wants to be heard:

  1. You don’t really love what you are doing. Be it work, your hobbies or your current relationships, there is not enough “loving it” to get you through them. How do you know this? It just does not satisfy you any longer, instead you feel drained and tired by spending time on and with them.
  2. Everything feels a huge effort. You keep doing whatever needs to be done but it just passed the painful threshold. Ouch….!
  3. You feel resentful by pushing the cart. Appreciation? What is that?-you ask and if you ask, your heart is suffering, for sure.
  4. You spend your time with people who do not fire you up. You waste your time and energy with the people who keep you safe and small because being with people who motivate you and see the best in you is just too much hard work!
  5. Your work feels endless and you don’t feel you are actually making a difference. This easily leads you back to my point 2.
  6. You feel choiceless because everything seems to be dependent on the people around you. They set your agenda and they have rules for you instead of you knowing your terms, boundaries and make choices from your heart. Your life is full of “should”-s, “must”-s and “have to”-s, none of which is the expression of the heart
  7. You are not building your life towards your dreams, instead you are surviving one day to another. You feel heavy, uninspired and unmotivated most of your waking life. Need I say more?
  8. You feel small and irrelevant. (Trust me, I know this one. This still haunts me from time to time and when I feel this way, I know it is time to recalibrate and bring my heart into my work and my relationships).
  9. You feel frustrated and even irate about your current state. You are irritated by the things that do not go your way and feel out of control instead of calm and ready to respond to whatever is on your way.
  10. Your “doing” might be fine but your “being” is hard and it feels like you are not acting from your heart. You run on autopilot and days would pass without you finding JOY in what you are doing. Oh, maybe Joy is not even in your vocabulary any more…?

If you recognize any of these in your life, work or relationships, know that it is possible to change any time. Instead of battling through it alone, why not consider my approach tailored for HeartSmart like you who want to follow their heart while they want to learn about their brilliant brain!

If you are clear about what exactly you want to achieve through our coaching, you have a few options:

My “3 Secrets” Programme is to help you simplify, clarify and identify your next steps in your work, life or relationships

OR You can try my “Life Leaders” Programme where we design (or redesign) Your life, Your way.

If you are curious about how my work can support you, you can book a session with me in my online diary here: https://heartsmartcoaching.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php

I really forward to connecting with you!

To Your HeartSmart life,



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