The Power of Being HeartSmart

Hello HeartSmarts!

I have some great news to share with you! I have finally come to the completion of the book I set out to do just over a year ago. It has not been an easy route but truly rewarding and this week I wanted to share with you what I learnt about being HeartSmart while working on this wonderful, stretching, challenging, almost life changing projectcaving.

  1. The Power of Slow– Being a slow brewer is a power not many of us appreciate enough. Slow and deliberate action can only grow out of slow and deliberate thinking, so instead of rushing ideas, situation and indeed, life to give you solutions, HeartSmarts take the slow route. We think. A LOT. We stew our ideas, look at our challenges like a precious stone and examine it carefully. Instead of fixing, we aim to understand. We go deep and find the essence of what we are trying to achieve. Instead of rushing solutions, we wait for it to be brought under our feet. We take our time because we trust time as the best consultant.
  2. The Power of Choice- We HeartSmart have really mastered the art of Choice. We do not settle for what is thrashed upon us. We choose our actions and thoughts as we choose our clothes in the morning. We stand for what we believe in and this reflects in every single choice we make. We do not choose our jobs, partners or living with our heart or head exclusively, we choose with our soul.
  3. The Power of Honesty- HeartSmarts honour honesty and value it beyond money, power or recognition. A true word counts for more in our life than a cozy, luxurious house or a shiny job that shouts emptiness. We recognize earnestness before we see someone’s eye colour. We know when we are treated with anything less than what we feel we should receive.
  4. The Power of Vulnerability- we may not have been the icon of vulnerability but we gradually got better at it. We know that being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness, it is the ultimate sign of strength. We are not proud of our heartbreaks but take them as goalposts on our growth. We cry and let our tears wash away the debris of our pain until we are ready to become part of life once again.
  5. The Power of Silence- the world is noisy and there is an awful lot going on All. The. Time. HeartSmarts know the value of silence, solitude and quiet because this is how we refuel. We need some undisturbed quiet time to get back to your hearts, where we get to hear what is truly important.
  6. The Power of Courage– Ah…yes, we are brave! We step forward even when we do not know where the next brick is on that path and precisely because of this, the next brick ALWAYS appear. Our courage is not always the roaring, raw type. It is the quiet confidence with which we make our appearance and do our job in the world. With this courage we let our work speak for us while we withdraw to work on our egos just a little more.
  7. The Power of Trust- Like Vulnerability, Trust is one of our greatest lesson to hone. We trust because we are willing to let go of control, we trust because we are ready to be led by forces bigger than ourselves which, in return, teaches us to trust even more. We trust because in our soul we know that everything is as it should be, even though we may not like this outcome of our efforts first. As we examine it, we can connect the dots with a peaceful heart.

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