Detox Your Emotions

We-become-what-we-payAre you feeling stuck? Emotionally challenged? Heavy or negative for a long time? Are you still running on negative thoughts, doubts and fears? Or are you always trying to be positive, all put together and looking as if all was going just fine? It might be time for a quick detox. We all need detoxing, whether it is physical, spiritual or mental de- cluttering, we must take time to observe our states and get rid of the things we carry unnecessarily. Why would it be different with emotions? Emotional addiction is no different from any other addiction like drugs, work, toxic relationships or thinking patterns that are more harmful than useful in helping us grow and find contentment. Emotional addictions work in a subtle but debilitating way: You have a thought. This creates a feeling in you and simultaneously your body releases neurotransmitters that reinforce your emotions. By the time you realize you are running on those well worked trenches of thoughts and emotions without being able to get out. Sounds familiar? Emotional Detox is a simple but very powerful process. It gives you the freedom to choose your response while it helps you unstuck from your default positions and we all have default positions we have settled for. So if your default in case of anger is blowing up or breathing fire out of frustration, emotional detox can help you choose a different response. If your default position in case of disappointment is sulking and making yourself feel small, you can detox the way you deal with disappointment. If your default position is to withdraw into your own cave when an issue seems emotionally challenging, think of a detox to find a more effective way to move on. I know emotional detox, I am still an addict to so many thoughts and feelings that are clearly not useful in my life. I have also seen the benefits of detoxing emotions others as much as in myself as I work, live and love. Detox grows us as human beings, enhances our potential, skills and abilities to exponentially grow into the best we can be. So how does it work? There are some key steps to detoxing:

  1. Notice- what triggers you, what are you addicted to and what you gain by wallowing on those thoughts?
  2. Make a decision to change- Step and decide to move away from the addiction. You have the power to change the running of your thoughts, hence you are able to influence your emotions.
  3. Listen deeply and choose a different response. Instead of your default reaction, choose a different one. Try it on. When you think differently, you will feel and act differently.
  4. Detox is a process and it requires time, patience and commitment to change. Each time your default position slithers in, notice, make a decision to react differently, choose a different response until it becomes your second nature.

Intrigued? Why not book a session with me to discover your emotional addictions? I offer a one hour session to those who want to grow the smart way. Here is my online diary to book: Emotional processing is just one of the exciting things we will be doing in September in the PlayHouse Retreat. Have a look at the HeartSmart website here for more information on the retreat and drop me an email if you are interested in attending at To Your HeartSmart Life, Henrietta POSTER -HeartSmart


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