The Power of Maybe

IMG_0882After years of resistance, I am a convert to “maybe”.  I used to think that being able to say Yes or No to a decision is a sure sign of clear thinking, character and certainty.

Not any longer.

Our brain likes certainty. It makes up rules and likes to think in terms like “this is what I know for sure”…or “I think this is the way forward”…and “I decide, therefore I am…”.

We are wired and conditioned to choose This OR That. Yes OR No. This method OR That way. We are bombarded with choices and decisions to make and I, for one, have been rigid, tight and polarized in my choices. Why? Because it is just easier to fool myself into the belief that when I choose, my path will be clear from thereon.

At times it is; other times absolutely not.

At times, after careful observations and thinking, I can say a wholehearted, resounding Yes or No. I can. Other times I just really cannot. Because I do not know when and where an unexplainable incident will pop up and ask me to change my plans. And when we are creating our lives, at times we really do not know what is next. Most of our failures come down to one simple fact: we think it all lies in the power of choosing between two or three polarized options.

This is when a healthy, hearty “maybe” could be really useful.

The point of “maybe” is this: it is the birthplace of possibilities. It is the beginning of widening and opening your horizon bringing you elements you have previously not considered. Following the strict, rigid yes or no route (you know, just because I am principled!) I give no opportunity to options, connections and new possibilities of what “maybe” could help me see. I still run for the comforting security of yes or no when I get overwhelmed because our need for security, habits and patterns are a natural part of our brain’s ways to make us feel safe.

But between the hardness of No and the dependency of Yes, there is a new world of Maybe. This world is where new ideas show up. This is where you can explore creatively your next steps and find a soul satisfying solution to your question. This is the birthplace of new ideas, the re-shifting of your priorities and your values. It is the connecting place between us the new solutions we are seeking in our personal or professional lives.

While I know and celebrate the importance of Yes and No, I am more hopeful about this new place of “maybe” than I have ever been. Because when I embraced it, I found a new business partner. “Maybe” opened my courage to move countries and create an extraordinary adventure for us a family. “Maybe” was the fuel for me to write my book, tap into my resources I have not seen within myself previously and I could tackle my challenges with more strength, clarity and authenticity.

I am curious…how could you sue the power of “maybe” in your own life?

…And just for you to know, because of this “maybe”, I am running my very first of the many retreats in Andalucia in September this year where we will be exploring decision making, smart intentional living  and much more so you can create the life Your heart is telling you to. It is going to be the place where smart people grow, so keep yourself open, watch out more for details and drop me an email if you are interested in hearing more about my plans for the retreat! it is going to be a real treat!

To Your HeartSmart life,



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