Doing Your Thing-Part 3.

blog pictureGood Morning HeartSmarts!

Doing the Right thing is the stuff we do when we are afraid of doing what we really LOVE to do!

Hm…this seemed to have stirred some conversations last week (here is the link if you missed the blog: so this week I would like to explore a little more of it so you can start doing Your Thing.

So you know what your heart wants to do. You have ideas, project plans, big dreams. You feel alive when you think about them. But…and there is always a but…When it comes to taking steps to the actual making it happen, you freeze. Your head takes over and you start making, using, calculating and orchestrating excuses why you can’t have your dream, why you should not give up or just simply how irresponsible/difficult/impossible/tough/selfish….insert your own words it would be to follow your heart.

I hear you and I know that reality has power in the way we make decisions. I know that security and feeling stable lies at the foundation of much of our fears when we want to pursue a new business, a change of career or leaving a relationship. But I also know one thing and here it is: To progress in any direction from stuckness to action, from planning to doing, from fear to courage, we must leave the safe shores of security.

 Why I say this? Because security has the tendency to keep us in our own cage making us a hostage of our own fears, lack of confidence and inability to connect with what is truly important to us in our life, business or relationships.

 This is a powerful way to understand how to navigate from complexity to simplicity where we find solutions.

 This week I would like you to play with an idea to get even clearer about Your Thing.

Last week we created a list, the things that set you on fire, the things you would love to do.

This week I would love if you spoke your mind (quite literally!) so that we can untangle the complexities that keep you away from doing Your Thing. I would like your brain to do some smart, intentional thinking, and here it is how you can do it:

Set your alarm for 90 seconds. It has power, believe me. It is a tool to open your two hemispheres of your brain, so you can hear important things you would ignore or not even notice otherwise.

  • In 90 seconds write down every possible excuse you are making not to follow your heart or a decision you are about to make. An easy way to do it is to list words, images, ideas, voices of other people you hear regularly …they all contain valuable information that will help you to find your way. E.g. It is risky, I will not have financial security, I am not good enough at x,y,z…etc. Let yourself go. This is your power list .
  • When you are finished, go over your list and circle words, thoughts that occur repeatedly. If you really look at them, you should be able to see a pattern and distil the excuses your mind makes up into 3-5 words. Ok, maybe 7 at most. Look beyond the obvious and see where your underlining excuses are.  These are the crucial words that will change the way you follow your heart.


How? We will be completing our series next week and I will also be offering a fun way to work with me on your HeartSmart life!

In the meantime, I would love to hear what you come up with! Please share it here with us.

Hope to see you next week!



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