Doing the Right Thing or Doing Your Thing? Part 2.

IMG_1596Would you rather make a living or make a life?

What would your life look like if you only did Your Thing, every day. Every week. What would it be like to wake up looking at the world right in the eye knowing that whatever you do is making a difference?

We all want that. I know you want it too. This week I would like to help you identify what Your Thing is.

At the core of it is a big, juicy truth: Most people do the “Right Thing” instead of doing “Their Thing”. My definition of the Right Thing is something I have lived and got to know well. It is the things we do because we are afraid of doing the things we really love to do!

You live for certainty, security and want to know things for sure. You keep thinking about your dreams for your life. You keep trying. You scrape for meaning. You are polite, politically correct and satisfy other people’s expectations of you. You live on principles that make your life much harder than it should be. You want to be right. Your stable, secure sight of your life holds your well paid, respected job, your relationships without truly connecting with the people around you.

In all of that, your Head influences you. In all of that, your Heart suffers and you wake up soul hungry, heart starved and unfilled. Daily.


There is another way of living I am only just beginning to see. Agh…although still far off the shores of being near complete, I deeply believe it is a better way to live and love because it satisfies your heart and soul.

As you live from the heart and do “Your Thing”, instead of security and safety, you choose adventure, courage and growth. Instead of fitting into the mould, you become a non-conformist in your working life. Instead of playing safe and right, you choose progress, joy and contentment. Instead of thinking about it, you start walking towards the life you  truly want.

This is all heart stuff, my wonderful friends. Because Your Thing is the Rage of Your Heart. It is the stuff that fires you up! The things that keep you wanting to be somewhere else, doing something else and when you do Your Thing, you let that rage of your heart, your courage, to create in the world. Change your high profile job, build schools, open up shelters for women, run your own business, teach what you know best, empower others, be the best father or mother you can be, create optimal solutions only you can create in the world! ….the truth is, it can be absolutely anything. Because “Your Thing” Matters. And your heart already knows that.

Doing Your Thing is not about shortcutting, nose diving into the unknown (although I will absolutely tell you how valuable that can be at times!). It is not about being reckless, irresponsible or selfish, quite the contrary.

It is about choosing Life over choosing Right.


This week I have two things to help you with finding out what Your Thing is.


Step 1. Make a list of all the Right Things you do. List where you struggle, feel empty or just plain bored. Sure signs might be some of your decisions and your thoughts of “I know I should…” or “ I wish I could but…..” what comes after the but is a golden thought of a stumbling block!


Step 2. What is Your Thing? What is the rage of your Heart? What do you want to create? Who do you want to help or support? When are you your absolute best?

What is your heart/soul hungry and yearning for in 2015?


Really go for it…. Keep reflecting; keep listening to the rage of your heart! That is where you truly live!


I would love to hear your thoughts!


What is the rage of your heart?


To Your HeartSmart Life,



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