Doing the Right thing or doing Your thing…that is the question

IMG_3916Good Morning, HeartSmarts!

I have been waiting for the new year craze of resolutions to settle on Blogland. It usually soothes itself after a few weeks of heightened excitement when most of us promise x,y and z only to break that promise by mid-February. (and I am so done with promising and feeling guilty after not doing what I made resolutions for…)

But today is different. Today I want to take some time and connect with you.  Because we have a lot in common. We want the same things-a life that feels Ours.  A life we want to live intentionally, spiritually and powerfully while we are connected to our heart. We want to think smart, move forward with the knowledge that we are creating a life that excites us to leap out of bed bursting with energy and we actually fully enjoy what we do, who we are and what we have.

Last year challenged and changed me hugely and amongst the powerful lessons along the way one stands out:  “faith is the evidence of things not seen”. When we have a desire first we cannot imagine real in our life, with smart attention and determination we can make it happen. Do you know why I say it with wholeheartedly? Because we become what we pay attention to.

The clients I love working with have one thing in common: they know that they want to do Their thing, whatever that might be- starting their own business while in a high end corporate job, wanting to change direction while treading on a secure path- but they do not know where to start. They want to do Their thing while their mind is telling them to do the Right thing (which usually involves some people pleasing, sticking out in a corporate office for the sake of financial security daydreaming about freedom, a soul satisfying job and more time to be doing what their heart wants).

But I say this: The Right thing is usually Your thing. When you follow your heart, it almost always turns out to be the Right thing. And this is a journey that requires courage, playfulness and honesty. These are my three words that will help you find out what is Your thing, so you can do the Right thing.

In the next 4 weeks I would like to invite you to come along with me on this exploration on my blog. We will explore together what are your mental blocks, how to broaden your vision for your life and what are the first steps you will need to take to make your life truly Yours.

In my 4-part series I will be helping you to integrate the HeartSmart philosophy to discover what Your thing is, what blocks you from doing it and what are the first steps that will set you off on creating your deeply satisfying life that makes you glow, powerful and fully aligned.

What you spend your time on will become your life. How you think becomes your strength and how you honour your heart daily will become your destination.

So come along with me, I would love your company! For this, connect with me by sending me a request so I can add you to our Heartsmart group. My personal email is and quote HeartSmart in the subject line.

To Your HeartSmart Life,



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