This Is What It Looks Like to Be Slow and Intentional

Inspired-action-can-onlyIf you have an idea that stays for longer than three days you should act on it. 

The question whether following heart or mind is only optional. Heartsmarts, like you, absolutely know that the mind never gets you far, your Heart does. While it is often considered as a second class citizen, it far outweighs the strategist mass of the mind. Your heart sweeps in with its subtle, near-mystical messages that turns into dreams and later on reality.

This morning I was waddling for coffee well before the children woke up. I love the quiet of the early mornings. A little congested in the head, I looked at the mountains on my way to the kitchen. Their purple-grey silhouette in the fluffy skies stood there solid and reliable, I recognized the familiar pattern.

I always think my way out of things. I am always on full speed in my head and often stuck in second gear with my heart. I avoid feeling uncomfortable because I snootily think my way through thoughts (read: solutions) instead of feelings (read: questions).

There is only one problem with that. It does not work. Feelings cannot be erased by thoughts. They linger around in our bodies like the morning smog in the mountains.

I am closing off 2014. I have two lists in front of me- he things I am proud of and next to it spreads my tantalizing list of the whispers of my heart. None of it would make sense if we do not grow from one year to the next and I have had a whole year of practicing with my heart.

Actions are done from two sources- it is either a hard push, a mind inducing “I want this” or they can flow from a soft, gentle, slow energy of “ I would love that”. Your heart energy. And I know the difference. I used to be a doer, well, at times I still am. I confirmed this by taking steps, no… Strides. Big, bold, outlandish moves, moving to Egypt , finding home in London, hike to Andalucia to honour a dream. Home educating the children. Daring to throw my heart right in front of me, waiting for the world to pick it up.

And that’s how I learned that, neuro-scientifically speaking, we need our heart to live well. Because…

The heart is the compass, not the tool. This smart pump knows our comfort, recognizes our raw, real self and connects us to others.

It is connected to the brain in more than one way ( with the vagus nerve, to start off with) and at times it listens to the brain, other times it does not. And guess what? When it does not listen but goes about doing its own thing, that is when you change your life around. That is when you honour your path and take those bold, contagious steps.

So here are the 7 most important questions that continuously help me slow down and refocus. I think they might just do the same for you!

  • How does this situation (whatever that might be) help me clarify what I want?

  • How can I make it *whatever that might be) a small deal and not a Big Deal?

  • How can I appreciate myself in this situation?

  • What am I grateful for in this situation? What are the blessings?

  • What are my opportunities here?

  • What would I do if I knew I could not fail?

  • What would I do if there were nothing to fear?

I hope and wish that your 2015 will bring you your dreams right in front of you!


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