The One Thing That Will Help You Change Your Life

male-and-female-white-lion.jpgI am typing this blog with one hand as I sit here in sunny Ronda with a pinched nerve in my shoulder. I know…isn’t it ironic that I started writing about S..L..O..W…I…N…G…Down last week?

This is my second week of my deliberate S..L..O..W…I…N…G…Down. Agh…Yes, I am so enjoying it and keep drawing closer and cosier to my heart.

Slow is good, slow is precious, slow is the fountain is Joy.

In slow there is no strategy, just pure stillness, joy and meaning.

Well, of course, I would lie if I was not after some wisdom even in S..L..O..W…I…N…G…Down mode….I want to share with you one, slow secret I just understood.

Getting close to our mind is easy. We, thinkers, love wisdom, words, concepts, ideas and we have cultivated our minds almost all of our lives. We are smart and know solutions to a lot of things in life. We can fix problems, we can give lectures and organize our life seamlessly.

The truth is, hearing our heart is much harder! Why? Because knowing something in our heart is the easy part; saying it out loud is the hard part. Knowing the truth of our life, our fears, ambitions, dreams for our life is only half success.

We need to be brave to articulate the subtle messages of our heart. This is the only way to change what is not working in our life.

If you want to change the direction of your life, want to make powerful steps and take meaningful decisions, you need to say it out loud whatever IT might be. Even if it is scary. Or makes you want to run away and hide under your blanket. (I know that, too!)

I am sitting here basking in the sun for one reason: I dared to say IT out loud:

I am willing to live the life I desire for myself and my family. I am willing to rearrange my life around that dream.

Well, I assure you, what came after that was not a day on the beach…but you know this already: When you walk towards your heart, you cannot go wrong!

So today, in slowing down your thoughts, watch for what your heart is saying to you.

What is your wildest dream about your life?

…and S..L..O..W….L…Y take it in….no need to do anything just yet….Just hear your heart speaking….

Good, stay with it and I hope to see you around next week….?

To Your HeartSmart Life!



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