The Power of Slow Part 1.

winter mountainsAre You a doer, a go -getter, a passionate achiever? Are your favourite words Do, Plan, Understand and Execute? Ah…love that! Me, too.

Are you also tired of all this at times and want to live and enjoy your life rather than wrack your brain thinking about it?  Oh yes! Me too!

We, doers, have a peculiar relationship with SLOW. We crave it because it nurtures us. We trust it because it is pointing us to our heart and we want more of it because we inwardly know the value of stopping the frantic thinking. Wouldn’t you agree?

I cannot believe another year has passed, do you?

December is my month of Reflecting, Deep Listening and most importantly Slowing Down because the Power of Slow has been a game changer for me in the last few years. Slow, deliberate, smart thinking has fundamentally changed the way I live now, a world apart of how I used to be frenziedly thinking my way  through just about everything.

When we slow down, we can re-calibrate and have a start to our projects and ideas the way we choose. Slow is a delicious shift, right into your heart that creates the energy to listen to its sweet, cajoling voice.

So in the spirit of Slow, for the next couple of weeks I will be sending you smart questions to help you slow down and evaluate your last year refreshingly in order to find a new way to start your 2015.

Because Slow, in essence, is the fountain of Heartsmart living.

Questions (take time out and think about them s..l…o…w…l…y)

  1. What was the one most important lesson you have learnt in 2014?

  2. What five words would describe you and your life in 2014?

  3. What are your 10 most celebrated events of 2014?

As always, I would love to hear from you! Share your experiences of slowing down, how does it change the way you show up in your life?


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