Are You a Life Leader yet?

I have a confession to make

You see, everything in my life is done with my heart speaking and my mind executing. I believe in it with every part of my being and a lot of my HeartSmart work is about helping people get rid of their overworked brain that is stopping them from looking at their challenges in life playfully and helping them to let their heart speak. You know, where things feel light, easy, magical and seamless.

We tend to use the term “heart” for all things creative, non-rational, and it is easy to be fooled that we are not living in the “real world” when we listen to it.

And it might be so. A career choice from the heart may not finance the lifestyle you are used to as a corporate manager or a high flying executive.

Not at the beginning.

Here is my confession: I did not believe in it either when I started living my life. I mean, really living, choosing from my heart and do what felt right, not what made sense.
For years I was skeptical, lacked self-belief and that deep down conviction that one day I would be paying bills from the work I love the most.

My mind was telling me it was an impossible proposition while I was sitting in the office at my corporate job working myself to the bone. 

Why am I telling you this? Because until now I have been too afraid of telling you how vulnerable it can feel to step on your own path. It surely looks courageous from afar and it is also incredibly choppy when you let myself follow where your heart guides. 

Because of this, I only really know one thing and that one thing is what I trust most and that is when your heart speaks, you are left with no other choice except listening to it.

Because of this, I also know how it feels not believing in yourself. I know how to be tempted to rely on your overworked mind hurting when it is racked for a solution to an impossible proposition. I know how it feels to be seeking so desperately that you do not even know what on earth you are seeking. …Just anything to make you happier, lighter, freer and more peaceful.

I have been afraid to tell you because my mind was telling me to look professional who knows what she is doing.

But today I am saying no to those voices and I am proud to announce that I offering my new Life Leaders programme to 12 individuals! Through this programme you will be held to listen to your heart, make powerful decisions and take your first steps in your new territory.

Today I am doing what I love most and get paid for it. And so can you. Be it your new business, changing your career or work on a relationship, finding your vocation, this programme will really help you make a move.

What is LIFE LEADERS about?

The “Life Leaders Coaching” programme has been designed for smart and hearty individuals who want to become the leader of their own life. It is for people who already know a lot about themselves and want to create their own, unique path with ease and effective results to create change for good. The only problem is they feel locked in a safe, well paid job while dreaming about having their life back. They desire freedom and adventure but too scared to leave the safe shores of certainty. They are seeking their place in the world, a meaningful job where they can balance their family life with the job they absolutely love doing.

I have designed the Life Leaders Programme for people just like you, to give you a structure through which you harness the powers you already have and build mental habits that support you to reach your goals easier, more effectively and focus on what truly matters to you.

This programme consists of 6 coaching session and through this we will

1. Follow a step by step process to understand where you are at your best, what are your blind spots and what internal thoughts and beliefs are not serving you to reach what you want from your life

2. Work with your brilliant mind to have a deep understanding of your emotions and how to work with them so you can become the leader of your life, rather than your emotions (especially negative ones) running your life.

3. Learn how to work with your internal knowledge and intuition to help you overcome negative patches and stop you running in circles

4. Create clarity about what works for you, so you make powerful choices at every opportunity

5. Exercise your “New” Muscles, in making decisions, taking action or not, keeping your life growing, asking for help (all great skills for Life Leaders)

As a result of Life Leaders, you will:

• Better understand your brain, so you can make smarter decisions. Smart people pave their own path with their heart that feels deeply and inspire others to do the same.
• Develop a deeper awareness about your emotions, so you are more comfortable with them, and you are more effective in moving forward in your life. Emotions are deep running rivers that affect everything we do. The problem is that we are not always capable of harnessing them for our benefit.
• Know how to combine your heart and your mind, so you step on the road to success.
• Know how you can change the way you think, so you can get the results you want.
• Be able to harness the power of our brain, so you open your heart to meaning, purpose and impact in the world. You are not your job but you can empower those around you who you feel most passionate about in the world- be it women, children or your family!

What is included:

• 6 sessions (each 45 minutes)- on Skype, face to face or over the phone

• My full commitment to your success. I’m available in between calls for the duration of our coaching relationship supporting, challenging and cheering you all the way.
• Continuous Email and phone support if you need to discuss an issue or need clarity in- between calls.
• My sharp insights and intuition, my brain wired for clarity, my ears trained to hear limiting beliefs, my mouth for straight, honest talking, with my deeply loving heart, my courage and whole committed self to your success.

Your investment: £550/6 sessions

The sessions can be arranged on a fortnightly or monthly basis

This is a great opportunity for you if :
• you are familiar with some key concepts and coaching principles
• you love progressing and continuously develop the way you build your life
• you are smart and open to new ideas
• you want to brush up on your life and refresh or redesign what we have already worked on together

Your heart matters, let your brain help you become a Life Leader!

I am only offering this programme to 12 individuals, so hurry to book your place!

If you have any question about Life Leaders, why not set up a half hour consultation with me, I’d love to help you make the best decision for you at this stage. Here is the link to my free, no obligation consultation diary. please choose the 30 min slot when booking:

If your head knows this is a great opportunity, and your heart is jumping up and down with excitement, you can book your first session right here by choosing the Life Leaders timetable:

I promise that I will keep inviting you to listen to your heart … and then listen again…until you find its voice. I will be there with you.

To your HeartSmart life,


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