The TED -talk of Your Life


Hi, HeartSmart!

I am sure You all know TED. The platform where smart people speak for 18 minutes and share an idea they are passionate about.

Imagine this- YOU are standing in front of a brilliant audience. There are your friends, new and old, colleagues, family members. You are given 18 minutes. Just you, your life and your story. The story of your life. Time starts now…

I have always been a woman of passion and chose my work where I work with others driven by the same deep felt, heart-driven desire to create the Good Life. You know, doing the job you absolutely love, having fulfilling, meaningful relationships and hopefully leaving a legacy when I am gone.

This week I have had the privilege to work with someone on a TED talk she was invited to do. As I was walking home in the October brown hills with the autumn sun still burning my jeans, I thought about what I would say if I was given 18 minutes? What story, idea do I have worth sharing with the world?

Everyone has a story to tell. Each of us have a life story that is rich in wisdom, insights and inspiration. We ALL inspire someone, whether we know it or not.

So here I invite you to think with me, reflect and create using your brilliant mind and wondrous heart. Here are a few questions for reflection. I do hope you enjoy preparing your Ted talk of your life. I am having a lot of fun with this, join me and share with us your insights.

  • What is your life teaching others? What is the message of your life you can share with the world?

  • What do you dream of for the world?

  • How are you contributing to that dream?

  • What are you curious about?

  • What is your real PASSION?

  • What story are you telling the world with your life?

  • Tell us about your failures. Tell us about your successes. How have they shaped your story?

If you are ready to make it all happen, work with me! I would love to be your coach.

Why not make an appointment with me to see if we would be a good team together.

Here is my calendar:

To Your Heartsmart Life!



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