Focus on what Matters


Hello HeartSmarts!
Are you ready to learn something new this morning? Here it goes:

The brain never stops changing and with the help of rewiring your brain, you can unlearn anything.

Yes… You can unlearn negativity, feelings of hopelessness, fears and lack of confidence.
Yes…..You can unlearn unhealthy relationship patterns and your emotional drives.
Yes….you can make changes that will lead to major transformation in your life.

Why am I telling you this?
Because I have seen it in action. When you inspire your heart, you stimulate your brain and the synergy of two are the winning formula for success. This is where the practical meets the spiritual and you experience freedom, creativity, connection, humility, courage and integrity.

The thoughts patterns that are running your life are responsible for where you are in life. The beliefs and thoughts that sit in your brain (in your amygdala, Pre-frontal cortex or in your hippocampus) can be rewired at any point in your life. So if you are fed up being stuck, unable to get out of your own head and the cycles you are running in, here are a few suggestions:

1. Relabeling our thoughts is the most essential step. Make yourself comfortable with naming your feelings. Observe what you are feeling and give it a name. If you are not sure, find expressions to your feelings. This is essential to create distance between you and the feeling because you are NOT your feeling.
2. Notice where your feelings come from. Warning! Do not indulge in self-beating about them, just acknowledge where they come from and how long they have been around.
3. Finding a New Focus is where you start changing the game. Find a thought, a belief, or a feeling you would rather like to have to replace the old one with. This takes some work and time as it always does with change. Once you have figured out a new thought that would serve you better, you need to practice this new thought in every possible situation. (You may need some help with this).
4. Enjoy watching the old thoughts fading away, like a shadow…

You know I take my work seriously and these are only the first few steps that will certainly help you make better use of your brain. What really works is when you start aligning your brilliant mind with your heart and start feeling positive, hopeful and clear about the life you are creating for yourself.
I would love to help you with that! Why not make an appointment with me to see if we would be a good team together.

Here is my calendar:


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