Four Habits of the Mind to Build a Successful Life (Part 2)

IMG_4711Good Morning, HeartmSmarts!

Last week I wrote my blog about two Mind Habits to build your successful life, here is the link in case you have missed it:

Today I would like to share with you two more habits that can potentially change the way you lead your life for good.

The Habit of Love is quite possibly the hardest to master. We know that Love sits on the other side of Fear of Connection and to build this habit you need to re-train your brain to respond to your challenges with love, not with fear.

This may mean:

·         Loving the challenges you are facing in your life right now.

·         Learning to love the people who hurt you

·         Letting go of rigid perceptions and be open to connection with others, no matter where they are in life

This habit is the essence of compassion and while I cannot tell you how to forgive or be more compassionate, I am pointing you to thinking and creating better thoughts in your brilliant mind about your challenges, the people and yourself.

Some questions you may want to ask yourself:

·         How is my biggest challenge right now my greatest learning opportunity?

·         How can I love what X,Y or Z brought to my life?

·         What do I absolutely LOVE about my life right now?

While responding with love to the world is vital, learning how to forgive yourself is the most important step you will take on your evolving path! Be compassionate and change the story you tell about yourself.

This habit will help you tremendously to solve the relationship puzzle by opening you up to others, connecting you with the world and put you in your tribe, the people who matter the most in finding your path.

Finally, the Habit of Courage is where you put all things together. It is a part of you that is fuelled by taking action. I mean courageous actions. I mean meaningful steps. I mean steps that will propel you to step up each time you are challenged and act from pure, unyielding courage (which you have plenty of, by the way).

This is the habit, when managed well, will set you apart from taking impulsive, random actions and nudge you to meaningful steps that will eventually change your life.

When you practice this habit, you find yourself excelling at advocating, competing, and delivering your ideas to the world. This habit fuels your steps to make bolder, braver choices and play with the broad strokes on the canvass of your life. With courage, you paint with the energy of true, natural, pure power. That is a power, I believe, that comes from the heart.

So here is what you can do with this. I am launching my brand new Life Leaders Coaching Programme for smart and hearty individuals who are ready to curve their own path in life.

So if you are thinking about quitting your job, change your career or looking for your vocation in life, this might be just the thing you need.

If you are ready to work on your unique path with me , why not schedule an appointment to see if we be could be a good team together?

Here is my calendar:

To your HeartSmart life!







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