Four Habits of the Mind to Build a Successful Life (Part 1)

IMG_3916I spent the weekend in Cadiz, the oldest city in Europe and I was inspired by this intriguing city. It is a long, narrow strip stretched out like a fine slice of cheese into the Atlantic ocean. Each barrio (quarter) is unique and known for its speciality. Gaditanos, the people of Cadiz, know where to go for leather, fresh fish or culture.

I sat in that quirky little city two years and some major changes after I was desperate to turn my life and business around. Today, as I look back, I would like to share with you my lessons:

  • Building a new life is not easy. But it is the only way to feel alive, live from your heart and give the world what it needs from you. You have already made a living, now it is time to make a life!
  • You have more courage, stamina and creativity than you can ever imagine. I dare you….
  • Creating your dream life is only dependent on one thing: Your Decision to make it happen.

So if you have made the decision to turn your life around (and if you are reading this blog I assume you are pretty close) here are my two habits that will help you to rebuild your life with heart, from wherever you are. Next week I will be posting the other two so keep connected!

Habit 1. The Habit of Dreaming.

This is the most important habit you need to master. I am not talking about daydreaming but intentional life management! Get this habit under your skin and use it often.

This habit is fuelled by our creativity. No, do not say you are nor creative. We all are in some ways. When you start dreaming up your life, use your skills of innovation, pioneering and visioning and I know you have plenty of those! Non-conformists, use your quirky ideas to design your life in details.

If you are not sure how to do it most effectively (and playfully, which I do well) drop me an email to, I would love to help you with this!

Habit 2. The Habit of Thinking

I am not talking about thinking over and over until your head hurts. I am talking about smart, intentional thinking that leads you to clarity! I am talking about harnessing the power of your brilliant brain.

Using this habit will help you use your analytical and evaluating skills better. Here are some questions to get your started:

What do I need to let go of? / What do I want to get rid of? (internal thoughts and external negative influences)

What beliefs and thoughts are not helping me build my life any longer? (yes, negative thinking, over-thinking and lack of self-belief count)

What is MY definition of success? Who can help me to gain clarity and keep me focused?


Next week I will be writing about the Habit of Love and the Habit of Courage, so stay connected!

From Andalcia with love,



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