The One Thing that will make all the difference in your life

“Any one of us can demonstrate leadership in our work and within our lives. Leadership is a mindset that shifts from being a victim to creating results”

Robin S. Sharma


Good morning, Heartsmarts,

I was coaching from the Serrania Ronda mountains last week and three of my clients asked me the same questions: How can I use my brain to create success and happiness in my life? (a question we all ask at some point in our life, right?)

Most of us have a dream and perhaps even know what we are good at. We have a passion, or some curiosity or a yearning waking us up at 3am (You, too?). We have made a living from a respectable job but what we really want to do is make a life where we do what feels from the heart and enjoy creating our own story with courage, clarity and consciousness. And if you are reading this blog, I take a wild guess that this is what you are interested in.

While I stand knee deep in making a life that feels right, at times dancing of joy, other times sitting curiously sensing some of the challenges  lurking around the corner, I know one thing for absolutely bullet proof sure: The difference between success and failure is one thing: our MINDSET

This is why I believe in this:

  1. Negative thinking is a bad life policy. It takes you nowhere, creates nothing but fruitless mind games and keeps you small, victimized and disabled to move forward.
  2. Positive thinking only works when you re-learn how to think in a way that serves you. There is no point of lying to yourself in the mirror. Instead, embrace your own thinking patterns and work on changing them.
  3. Change is never late. Punto. The moment you decide to change your mind is the moment you start turning your life around.

How can we do this in practice?

We work on our mindset by switching from a fixed, stagnant mind to a growing, curious mind that wants to expand. And if you are still reading this blog, I think you are well on the way to do that.

Think of a challenge you have right now in front of you. Be aware of this challenge and when your mind is quiet, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How is this challenge growing me? What am I asked to grow into?
  • What do I need to stop fighting and start embracing?
  • What /Who helps me to persist in the face of setbacks?
  • While I am making efforts in facing this challenge, what am I mastering?
  • Who inspires me to face this challenge?

As always, I am curious to know what you are leaning from this blog today. Share it with us here!

If you are ready to work on creating the life you want with your heart in mind, drop me an email at

Look forward to seeing you amongst the successful life leaders!


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