7 Secrets of Your Brain


“Writing is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way”― E.L. Doctorow

I think LIFE is like driving at night in the fog and we all make it somehow at the end, right?

This week is a celebration for me. I had my first session with a writing companion. It felt wonderful to work with someone who shares a deep belief in the power of writing with me.

I also started coaching in Spanish (hmmm…. yes!) and as I finished two chapters of my book, I am sharing some of the new concepts with my clients. Quite naturally our communication is somewhat limited despite our efforts but together we simplified and clarified what I know as a coach.

So as I work on launching my new coaching programme called “Life Leaders” (please register your interest by sending me an email to henna7@btinternet.com) here is a concise list to help you get clear about the heart-mind synergy.

  1. Your brain has an innate capacity to change – and this process is called neuroplasticity. Whatever you do, think or feel creates a neural pathway that can be rewired at any point in life. Practically this means that your feelings, thoughts and actions can be rewired for a more satisfying life experience.
  2. Your brain is wired for relationships and in relationships the brain grows, quite literally.
  3. Your limbic system is responsible for your emotional life and by taking care of it you are able to manage difficult relationships more compassionately and ultimately solve the relationship puzzle, be it at work or at home.
  4. Your amygdala holds the key to your emotional reactions and you can learn how to react to an event with compassion, openness and flexibility. This, ultimately, will help you build deeper, more meaningful connections with others.
  5. Stressed brains have limited capacity to change and grow and they learn differently from non-stressed brains. Stress can be reduced by tapping into the Prefrontal cortex which will assist you to find equilibrium.
  6. Male and female brain is wired differently and processes differently. While this is not an earth shattering revelation, it helps us understand how we can maximize our natural abilities.
  7. We learn by watching, exploring and imitating with the help of mirror neurons scattered around in our brain. Hence, children do not learn from what we say, they lern from how we do things! (great pointer for parents!)

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