Why no challenge is impossible to conquer

“If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wonders”


Hiking in Andalucia is a real heart opener. Last weekend as we reached a mountain top with 360 degrees of panoramic view of the most exquisite sites in Andalucia, Bobastro that tourists hardly visit, it occurred to me that hiking is just like living life.

When I choose a mountain I want to climb, I am excited, full of fresh energy and clarity. I read the map, know the route and I have my sturdy boots. As I start climbing, the road is easy and I even enjoy the walk. As I inch forward towards the grand vision of the peak, my breathing becomes more rapid, shallow and by the time I realize how much I struggle, I have passed amazing landscapes stretched out behind me. The road slithers along and just before reaching the top, I wonder why I even wanted to come here? I keep looking around and see other, more attractive mountains. I keep my eyes on my peak, it looks near and inviting and I remind myself why I should not quit. My friends entertain me with anecdotes so I forget about my aching legs and heavy rucksack.

Isn’t it the same in our lives? We have a challenge we need to overcome. As it calls our heart we feel energized to start making it happen. We make decisions, work towards it but at some point we are panting, feel lonely and want to give up. From time to time we are reminded of where the road is taking us but we doubt we have the stamina to conquer it. We ask for help and if we are lucky enough, there are good people in our lives who remind us who we are and their belief in us give the last nudge to finally reach our goal.

As I reached the top at Bobastro, I stood there, letting the mountain hold me, like a peg, firm and deeply rooted. I looked out and freedom was throbbing through me. I saw what felt like the whole of Andalucia. As my heart felt open and connected, my mind began to churn out ideas that seemed to be the natural solutions to my current challenges. My right brain was in full swing, insightful, intuitive and inspired. This is what right brain does, it lets you see the whole of your life and connects you to your heart. It helps you to focus on the broader meaning and not get lost in the details.

It is not being on the top that gives us this experience, it is the steps we take that help us open our mind to think more freely, effortlessly and with clarity.

As I looked around I saw another peak in the distance. I will climb that another time, I thought.

As always, I am curious to know what you have learnt from this blog. How are you going to use it?

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To your HeartSmart Life!


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And if you still doubt that you can overcome challenges, watch this! This is beyond inspiration!


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