Five Habits of HeartSmart People

IMG_2083I spent the last four months talking, writing and living life from the heart. I interviewed over 50 people about heart centred living and this blog has been inspired by my dear friends in Andalucia. After an emergency landing back in London, I want to share some of the wisdom we gathered from our countless conversations over tea and our hiking trips about living our lives from the heart.

Heartsmart people …

…Are Courageous– they dare to stick out, be non-conformist and they are ready to swim against the current because they trust what they know in their heart. This deep knowing from the heart gives you courage and  it always makes you thrive. It is yours. It is the most satisfying process and that alone is a treasure.

…Are great Investors in themselves– being heartsmart is about finding a more effective way to design and create a successful life, where you do what you love, enjoy the financial benefits of it and wake up daily excited about your life, business and relationships.

…know a big secret: Chaos in life is a perfectly organized imperfection. When you accept this, you will always find a new route towards the direction of your dream in case of a setback.

are Resilient. They do not give up, they just re-orientate themselves. When you inwardly know that you are at the right time, at the right place, with the right people, your destination you are heading towards becomes your True North. It pulls you and keeps you focused, no matter how difficult your challenges are.

embrace Change, Chaos and Failure. They know that through these, life is offering them an opportunity to clarify their vision, consult their heart and help them develop better strategies to make things happen. You are really on to something the minute your overcome a challenge, embrace the chaos that surrounds you and step up after a failure.

I am curious…what would you add to this list? Hit the Reply button!  


If you are ready to start to put your big vision in motion, ready to find your secret dream for your life or work through your challenges here is what I do:

I work with sassy individuals who are ready to curve their own, unique path in life. My clients are driven from their heart and ready to take on a new challenge to change their life for good. They are my kind of client because they are brainy.

By working with me, we create a plan together where you do what you love, enjoy what you create and make an impact with who you are as you follow your heart while you take your brilliant brain with you.

Who am I?

Henrietta Szovati. Corporate and Personal Coach. Leadership Mentor. Country Girl. Former corporate climber, ex- perfectionist  and long gone vegetarian. Full-time curious, part-time writer. Crazy in love with personal growth, travelling and driving fast cars on country lanes. Mom of two. Coffee snob. Wears her heart on her sleeve and speaks the voice of logic and reason.



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