The Five Most Important Steps Towards Your Heart

You only have one life. Make it count. 

 Let’s face it: You either listen to your heart or you don’t. You either step one step towards your dream with your heart, or not. There is nothing in between. (Getting ready does not really count…we are never fully ready. Even when we think we are, Life thinks otherwise and throws us off the horse. I think you know this one, too…..

I hear you saying “but how can I listen to my heart when I have a cosy job and life that gives me security? I love dreaming about my ideal life but I cannot let go of my comfort and stability I have worked so hard for…”.

The truth is, we all love comfort and security. We also want to lead a purposeful life that offers joy we so yearn for, the ease we need, the freedom we crave in our work and a heart at peace. The problem is that many of us shut that thing out our heart is dying for. The thing that makes you burn the floor under your feet with passion. The project you have been struggling to make happen for years. That one thing only You can do. Your Life Work.

So we make up that our current comfort is a good enough compensation. And it may well be. But then why is it that you cannot sleep in peace and still dreaming about going to Africa to help women, or to set up your own school? Or run your vintage car boutique? Or be a safari guide? Or travel the world and get paid for it? Or live in Tuscany and write a book, or do food reviews as your paid job? Or be married to your soul mate?

You have a big dream, too. I know it. We all have one.And sooner or later it eats our souls away if we do not act. I know it; mine ate me for years out of fear, vulnerability and Heaven only knows how long my excuse list still is.

The good news is that when heart speaks and we listen deeply, our brilliant brain can help us work though solutions. It doe snot have to be complicated, overwhelming or ineffective. So today here is a list of five questions to help you get to your heart and life work .

If you could have your dream life right now, how would it look like? What job would you be doing? Who would you work with? How would you spend your day?

This is Your Step of Clarity.

What is this dream life asking you to grow into? What qualities are being challenged in you to start living that life?

This is Your Step of Honesty.


What are your Fears about doing what you love and be who you want to grow into? Name your fears, clear and succinct. Do not hold back.

 This is Your Step of Vulnerability.


Take a look at your List of Fears. Ask yourself this : If I was NOT fearful of X or Y (pick an item from the list), what would I do?

 This is Your Step of “Out of Comfort Zone, part 1…”


Ready for the last one? Yes? 

Now take a deep breath…and another….and … it. That is right.

Do the one thing you have picked and do what you need to do.

This is Your Step of “Out of Comfort Zone, part 2…”


I am curious….what did you do? How did it go? What changed in your life?


If you are ready to work on your life work, want to create your action plan or want to figure out what it is your heart is calling you to do, just drop me an email. I would love to work with you.


Here is what I do:

I work with sassy individuals who are ready to curve their own, unique path in life. My clients are driven from their heart and ready to take on a new challenge to change their life for good. They are my kind of client because they are brainy.

By working with me, we create a plan together where you do what you love, enjoy what you create and make an impact with who you are as you follow your heart while you take your brilliant brain with you.

Who am I?

Henrietta Szovati. Corporate and Personal Coach. Leadership Mentor. Country Girl. Former corporate climber, ex- perfectionist  and long gone vegetarian. Full-time curious, part-time writer. Crazy in love with personal growth, travelling and driving fast cars on country lanes. Mom of two. Coffee snob. Wears her heart on her sleeve and speaks the voice of logic and reason.



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