Heart -Centred Living in Action

head-with-heart-bulb“Certain environments, certain modes of life, and certain rules of conduct are more conducive to inner and outer harmony than others. 
There are, in fact, certain roads that one may follow. 

~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Gift from the Sea

This week’s blog is different. No theories, no “being clever” about what I know. No dry, passive ideas but real stories of how we can live more consciously from the Heart. I have been having a lot of readers recently but being true to my own words of daring to be vulnerable, open and seen in the world, this week I decided to tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Talking about heart and mind connection is an easy and cosy intellectual exercise. Living it full on while things fall apart inside and outside of us is a different matter! So this week I would like to show you two wonderful friends, who are doing it in practice. They live from their heart, keep going back to it every time they wobble and stay centred. Truly inspiring and you will know what I mean when you read about them.

Heart Centred Living in Action 

As part of my Interview series  I would like to introduce you two wonderful people I have met along the way as part of my Heart Project.

A dear friend, Shama Rahman is an amazing person with a huge heart who also happens to be a brilliant cook. (Perhaps brilliant is an understatement). She is passionate about food and all things related to growth and this is what she said about her heart centred life.

What are the gifts of living from  your heart rather than your mind?

All aspects of my life from raising my children, to new people that I meet, my personal development and growth…all these are areas that I have in the past tried to channel from my mind and always wondered why I wasn’t getting peace of mind!…now, the approach from the heart has brought a totally new dimension to the same issues faced by the mind…For myself it is a more peaceful holistic journey now.

Living from my heart in different areas of my life means that  working is not a job it is a pleasure…each cake I bake each morsel of food I cook is made with the mindset of receiving it from the customer’s point of view…would I like to eat it? While I’m doing this I will always give it my 100% I don’t know any other way to work…my heart is in my work or I wouldn’t be able to keep up the pace but there are still so many creative ideas inside me wanting to be expressed in other mediums too…

Living from my heart means to have that drive that won’t allow you to not give your best, that won’t allow you to not stay focused…you get an energy from it, the more you give the more you get back…

It also means to be aware and listen to that inner voice…being in tune with yourself in time to learn to read your own inner rythm.

When you lose touch with your heart, how do you find your way back?

We all wonder, experiment, evolve with new ideas, some work some don’t…the ones the sit right and give us a sense of calm are usually the ones that say you are where you need to be at this moment in time.


The other person whose work inspired me recently is Hassan Rasool, South African born artist is known for his Channel 4 Ramadan appearance but as an multimedia artist, he truly is living from heart. One of his pictures was particularly touching and with his permission, here it is:

“Seek guidance not from an intellect, for they mess with the minds clear horizon, rather resort to LOVE for it’s singleness of purpose”

Hassen Rasool pic

You can follow him on Twitter @HassenRasool









Being true to my promise to bring heart and mind to the world, here is a list of blogs, books and ideas I have loved recently. I have something for my corporate clients and friends, something fun for parents as well as people who are stressed (which might be all of you mentioned above).

Enjoy and let me know what you have learnt from this blog. 

 For my corporate friends and clients:

A clear, intelligent and effective site to study your brain:


 A study on heart connections from a scientific point of view: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-neuroscience-of-heart/

 For parents

A little neuroscience for kids: http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/papy.html

Check out the work of Joseph Chilton Pearce who is most well known for his theories on natural child development and talks about how the heart has its own consciousness. Do not miss it, it is fascinating!

For those who are stressed: 


…and what am I reading this week? (as many of you have requested recommendations) 



Heart and Mind matrix


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