“The place we are most directly open to the mysteries of life is what we do not do well- it the places of our struggles and vulnerability” (-A Path with Heart)

I was fighting my brain in the Casa de la Cultura  for a new blog topic yesterday. After some self-defeating thinking I decided to take a break and make it real Spanish- I went out for tapas. I love the culture of tapas here- lots of little bites of freshly made local food Andalucian style. They have wonderful fresh prawns fried in garlic and smoky sweet paprika, aubergine with honey, fresh fish bites with bread, olive oil and potatoes.

As I was making my way through the small, attractive plates of food, a couple arrived and sat at the table next to mine.

We started chatting about the aubergine I was relishing and we ended up talking about coaching, neuroscience and heart decisions. Both bankers in the City in London, they know too well where their heart is as they told me. Me, sitting in my Andalucia- patterned trousers and with my laptop working on my book, I know where my heart is, too.

They asked me what I was doing here and to this question I am still a little hesitant to say I am writing a book. (I am not sure which excuse I am using, whether it is the “I do not really believe in it” or I am trying to hide the writer part of me as way to excuse the validity of my work…). But I DID own my dream when I told them about the story I am writing up and something opened up in our conversation. We had a delightful chat, a great lunch break together and our hearts met in some ways. I learnt a lesson about hearts.  It is these conversations that make our day meaningful. It is connecting with a person that feeds the heart in the middle of our work. I might be writing a book from my head but I really feed my heart when I connect with someone from my heart and share my dreams so they can think of their dreams, too.

When I went back to the library,  two emails were waiting for me-  One from the couple I just met;  reaching out to stay in touch. The other landed in my inbox with a wisdom I just learnt in my lunch break:

…that you cannot find or create a costume big enough
to hide your true self from anyone.
In truth, we’re all wearing The Emperor’s New Clothes.
We parade before the world naked–thinking that no
one can see us. Why not just be proudly revealed, and
authentically who we are? And do not worry about being rejected and alone. It is
the real you that everyone falls in love with—Neale D. Walsch


What is YOUR Dream for your life?

Are you wearing the Emperor’s clothes?

If  you are ready to take your Emperor’s clothes off and bring your dreams come alive, give me a call!

I would love to work with you on them!





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