Keep Entering the World with your Whole Heart

This year‘s theme for me is living from my heart and as I write this piece, I am overlooking to this view:


I am writing from the stunning Andalucian town, Ronda, where we moved with the children last week. We drove to from Santander to this exquisite beauty hidden in the rugged mountains on crawling roads. It has only been a few days but this place continues to reveal its loveliness at every turn I take and I can’t help but keep falling in love with it over and over again.

This white washed town has everything I love- fresh air, dramatic mountains, rich history, great food and heat that warms my heart, quite literally! It is one of the oldest villages of Spain and served as the last fort for the Muslims before Andalucia fell to the Christians.

Today we had a day full of heart- we discovered, amongst many stunning locations, the Arab Baths that served travellers and it helped them connect with the local community before they set off on their journey.

I also took the children to school today to introduce them to their new place of learning. My daughter, Little Miss Confident, charmed the entire school and when we said she would be starting school after the Ester holidays (Semana Santa here), girls pouted as they already set up plans to fight for the title of “Noora’s best friend”. My son, Little Mr. Affable was rather overwhelmed by the attention and kisses he received from his classmates and he declared that he officially hates being kissed by people.

I have nursed a few dreams in my life- living in the mountains writing my book was one of them. Another one was to race on a track, I mean on a serious one and before I left London this is what I found. Serious car lovers, do not skip this!

As I was getting ready to go out yesterday afternoon, my daughter excitedly ran upstairs and shouted- Mummy, there is the man from Ascari, you know the Ferrari place you wanted to go to drive! As it happens, the manager of Ascari was visiting his mother-in law who, by some miracle of some sort, lives in the house opposite the apartment we rented for this week! Now, if this is not a sign that I need to drive on that race course, I do not know what it is! He offered me a tour around and I walked off beaming! Yes! This is why I love listening to my heart! Because what is meant to happen, will happen. So I am off to set foot on the race course this weekend, which is about 7 km from where we live and possibly be driving there on my birthday!

 What dreams are you wanting in your life?

What do you need to do to get closer to it?

What is really stopping you from doing what your heart says?


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