Enter the World with Your Whole Heart

I am super busy this week in the midst of packing and getting ready for our new life in Andalusia, so I keep it short this time. I have some treats for you – things, books, thoughts and ideas that inspired me this week.

Please do share and let us enter the world with our whole heart together!

Intellect and Heart  by Iqbal

I am the interpreter of the book of life

I am an attribute of divine display.

You are only a drop of blood

I am the envy of ruby’s ray.

‘This is all true, replied the heart

‘But look at me, be as it may

You look at life’s trauma and drama

I see through life’s white and grey

You deal with outer manifestation

And I am aware of the inner fray

Knowledge is to you, intuition to me

You seek God, I show you how to pray

Limit of wisdom is restless doubting

I am cure for the malady of dismay

You are a lantern to illuminate a spot

I am a lamp to illuminate the path”



Neuroscience, Character and Happiness 

This  short film is a brilliant twist on happiness, heart and neuroscience! Do not miss it!

 What am I reading this week?





Finally, what is new with me this week?

A year ago I only dreamt of living somewhere in the mountains  to write my book. This week I am scheduled to leave to one of the most dramatic landscapes in the mountains of Andalucia.

I am learning that our hearts never lies. It speak the language of the truth and the truth is, you know your heart more than anyone else does. You just know. You might be scared. Or terrified. Or just confused because your brain talks you out of your heart desires loudly but the truth is, we need to grab our courage to listen. Listen with our Whole Heart. Give our heart the space to bring us to the edge where truth resides. WE need to enter the world with our Whole Heart!

I admit, I am scared but I also feel this is the whole point- without fear  we would not know courage!


What ONE step are You going to take? 

How are you going to use your brilliant mind to create your balance? 

If you want to take your heart and mind journey further and deeper, let us talk! I would love to be part of your journey!





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