Heart inspired stories

This week I am sending you  what inspires me while I am packing away some parts of my life and setting out to Andalusia following my heart.

What is your heart telling you to do in the world? And what are You doing about it? 

What is Your favorite story? Share it here! 

Watch out for my Interview series starting soon in which I will be bringing you some amazing people doing amazing things from their heart! They simply stopped listening to their mind and its squabbles and doing what their heart is telling them to. The results? Truly amazing! My first interview will be released in a few weeks!

“Vulnerability is the ultimate courage”- Brene Brown  talks about courage, as she defines it the fire of the heart in her Ted talk!

Another dreamer inspired me this week, too! A young man who has given up his cosy corporate life in order to help children! What is this if not heart -driven action? Have a look at his book in which he talks about how ordinary people can create extraordinary change!

adam braun

And for those who want to read up on how the mind helps to think more constructively, one of my favorite books is here:

30-Second Brain: The 50 most mindblowing ideas in neuroscience, each explained in half a minute (30 Second)


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