Walking with my Heart- Assignment 2.

View of the Valley, Ronda, SpainThose of you who follow my posts, you know that I nominated this year, officially, to be the Year of my Heart. I committed to making choices from my heart while I want to walk with my brain and see what happens.

Well, this is what has happened this month.

A few weeks ago we made a trip to the mountains of Andalusia. The moment we arrived, my heart started to beat a little faster -you know the feeling, when you just know that something is significant…? That tingling feeling in your chest that makes you want to crawl out of your skin?

Yes, that one!

As we walked in a rugged mountain town, surrounded by dramatic, almost theatrical peaks and deep gorges, my heart skipped a beat. Of course, I ignored it first simply because my brain has been trained to discount messages from my heart but on this occasion I decided to take my time!

I stopped and I listened deeply.  I mean I really listened and asked my heart what it wanted. She spoke softly and gently but firm in her conviction. She told me in eloquent terms that she needed time, connection with nature and the divine. She needs clarity and recovery.

My brain protested and squabbled: “how about the kids, your work, your clients? Your Life in London?”- and I left those questions linger over me as long as it would take. I trusted that all answers would come in time.

And they did. They keep rolling in gently and I am awestruck.

All the things my brain worried about started to fall into place- we have found a lovely school for the children where they will be exposed to bilingual education. The teachers offered relentless support in helping them speak fluent Spanish in a few months. None of my clients chose to stop working with me and we are designing our coaching on Skype from amongst the stunning mountains of Andalucia! A corporate job seems to be popping its head up. My book is waiting patiently to be edited and tweaked into its final shape.

While packing last night I found  my “100 things I want to do before I die” list and there it was, item No 54, 56 and 73- Live abroad with the children, coach in Spanish and publish books.

My heart has won over my brain and whilst I am packing my life into neat piles of boxes, I feel with each box I am one step closer to a dream.

I am not scared, I am terrified; believe me but strangely alive and recharged!

I feel this might be the opening of my heart and mind to Life I have been wanting for a long while…



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