Cars and how our brain works

Last week I promised a piece on the left and right hemisphere of our brain. I am feeling rather playful today, so I want to share with you what I have learnt about the two hemispheres. For this, I need to give you a bit of context and I am potentially going to be your laughing partner in this!

So…I have a new car. This, of course, has a philosophical significance in my life.

I always wanted to drive a big, black car which, for me, has become the symbol of power, stability and success. (are you chuckling already?)

I got one and….I could not drive it! I was beyond frustrated! Seriously, what was wrong with me? I love driving and I am stuck on the road because a super computerized car does not want to do what I am asking it to do. (are you giggling?)

How could this happen? Finally, after all those years of hard work and dreaming I got THE car and I am unable to make friends with it?

On my way home driving THE car, I realized that this is exactly what my left brain does- it holds me hostage. It dictates me; it shouts for structure, tells me to do things the “proper way” (i.e. the computerized way as the car does). It can be dictatorial, self-sufficient and downright intimidating.

So how is THE car a symbol of my left brain? Six words summed it up for me: STRUCTURE, FOCUS, STABLITY, ACCOMPLISHMENT, ACTION and ANALYSIS.

These six words represent everything this car (and my left brain) is about. No, I have not given up driving it and I am committed to doing it with style.

I also have my little car. It is pretty, it is sweet, smart and it really listens to my heart. It is willing to cooperate and driving it comes naturally to me.  This car makes me laugh and it does not need a designated garage. It is playful and whizzes along the road just fine.

It is my right brain, where I experience FREEDOM, CREATIVITY, EXPLORATION, CONNECTION, PURPOSE and REFLECTION. Some of the concepts which the right brain is very comfortable with.

So now when I need to go somewhere I am ever so conscious what I drive and which part of my brain I choose to work with. Do I need the left one to help me through certain tasks or do I want to hang out with my right brain?

What car do YOU drive?


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