Walking with my Heart-Assignment 1.

I woke up this morning to the question I have been asking myself a lot lately- How do I walk with my heart in one hand and my brain in the other? How can I work with both this week? How do I make my life centred around my heart while I do not leave my brain in the garden shed but listen to its logic and wisdom?

Well, last week gave me an intense experience of this. I was searching for our home and my brain was ticking away with all the reasons why I should not choose a particular location I really love. My brain was filled with logical explanations why it would NOT work to move there and it was laced with fear, excuses and seeing only the negatives and possible downfalls. It made me choke with fear.

My heart, oh my….., my heart was (and still is) beating a little faster every time I think of how wonderfully it WOULD and COULD work if I follow its beats. The place I walked around was just calling me, pulling the strings of my heart and awakened my being!

Moving usually is not a great deal for most people; it is for me because I am a homey woman with a sweet desire to have a home where I recharge and feed my heart with the people I love around me.

So what do I do when my brain- the organ that saves me in most of my life and work – signals the fear but my heart softens the reality and makes me wonder if this is the path to create magic in my life?

How do I use my brain to follow my heart?

The left brain woman in me is a little tiger (and perfectly tameable, by the way) and she always wants to know the answers to why, what, when and how (this, in particular). The right brain woman in me is gentle, open and believes in magic and big dreams.

So …I held on to my left brain, grabbed the very thing that sits in it- FEAR- and with the help of my right brain I am trying to walk through it with my heart beating ferociously.

Fear is a negative emotion that sits in the right hemisphere of our brain. It is the companion of pessimism, hopelessness, sadness and emotional overwhelm. Fear debilitates not because it is real but because we perceive it to be much bigger than it actually is! Funny enough, as we were driving through the land of our choice, there was thick fog and it reminded me of fear! From far, fog looks impenetrable but the moment you drive into it, you are enveloped by it and can clearly see the road you need to drive on!

Fear is like that. It looks dense, impermeable and point-blank scary. Entering it with trust, reliance on fate, heart and positivism is the only way to conquer it. Analysing it helps to learn that fear is always going to be part of our life but we can create a difference in our life by choosing how we respond to it! My heart hopes that each time I choose a more courageous response I will befriend fear at some point in my life.

What fear are you walking through this week?


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