“How we spend our days is how we spend our lives” (Annie Dillard)

Is your Mind your friend or your worst enemy?
• Are you running your mind or is it running you?
• Are you tired of fighting your internal chatters and emotions?

Join us for this experiential mind workshop that is designed to show you all you need to know about your mind and its powers in your personal or professional life using the latest neuroscience discoveries.

3 hours, 2 experienced coaches, one brilliant result!

Join us for this exciting session where you will learn how your brain works, understand your mind and use it effectively for personal or professional success. You will also learn how to manage and work with your internal critics and make conscious choice effortlessly!

An absolute must for anyone who takes personal and professional development seriously!

Registration only with 15 places available!

Please emailamina_cass@yahoo.co.uk for Registration Form or call Henrietta for more information on 07983 066 426.

About the workshop leaders
Henrietta is a Personal and Professional Development Coach who was born with an itch. She coaches corporate and private clients, business owners, leaders with her “loving and intelligent” style using her experiences in neuroscience. She is highly motivated by human development and her work integrates heart and mind of her clients for more purposeful choices. Her presence, intuition and daring attitude brings people to the edge where personal and professional success starts. A graduate of CTI’s world renowned leadership programme she brings heart to the world and to individuals. She blogs atwww.beheartsmartblog.wordpress.com

With over 30yrs of experience, Amina Wilson has refined her life coaching methodology with a vast array of clients, ranging from entrepreneurs , actors , producers and CEO’s to housewives, students and mothers with a simple formula of Identifying problems, self-discovery, goal setting and personal progression. Her coaching allows her to connect on both an emotive and intellectual level, her main attribute underpinning her style is the fact that she cares. Amina’s passion is to create better lives.
Price: £50.00 (including an exclusive, one-to-one session after the workshop)


The essence of my work, my passion, my love affair is personal development. My whole being wakes up when I am at work. I feel humbled when I am seeing someone through transformation which helps me notice transformation around me, just right under my nose. Very often just right in me.

I have made a commitment to make 2014 a Year of my Heart and my Mind. I am committed to take hearty and brainy actions daily, weekly and monthly.

I am giving myself permission to listen to my heart and let my brain work its way through it, whatever “it” might be- finding our new home, working on my next project and creating the path for my book to come into the world.

However, I am an undeniably left-brain woman who needs to feed her intellectual curiosity, so I listen to fascinating conversations about the brain and neuroscience, which…

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