Follow your Heart but take your Brain with you!

Beginnings are always easier for me than endings. I am usually a fairly good starter. I thought the beginning of this year would be the same- planning the year ahead and getting down to doing it! Here comes January ending soon and I am still not wholly engulfed in executing my plans for 2014! I am not even sure where I will be living this year.

You see, I am a left-brain woman who loves hanging out in the left hemisphere of her brain- yes, I love logic, intellectual rigour and neuroscience; yes, I enjoy driving fast (especially on country lanes), I am rational and a fairly decent problem solver. I enjoy a challenge; I long for stability and at times I value action above words. I truly enjoy coaching, consulting and mentoring people working on their life and business because my left brain helps me to be comfortable with structure, focus and analysis.

I guess this makes me passionate, result driven, logical and heady?

I am also driven by my heart just the same and I hang out in my right brain, too. I do weep when a film or a conversation moves me. I feel and love very deeply. I cherish friendships and enjoy meaningful relationships. I am thrilled when I am inventing new ways of running my business and creating multiple solutions. I love all things feminine – be it Sunday roast, family, intimacy or a hug (even a little girlie stuff) and I get weak in the knee when my heart is touched. My right brain helps me be creative, and explore connection and purpose.

I guess this makes me soft, gentle, compassionate, intuitive and hearty.

How do I live with this in 2014? How do I integrate logic and intuition, thinking and feeling, action and reflection, neuroscience and spirituality?  How do I integrate my doing and being? How do I align my mind and keep falling on my knees for guidance?

How do I drive my life holding my heart in one hand and my brain in the other?

In 2013 I was on a soul-building path and I am deeply thankful for all my chances to learn about my heart and my mind in my work. In 2014 I am going to continue this journey exploring ways to integrate them.

AND I am taking a daring step of not doing it alone-  am inviting you to join me!

Whether you are a corporate individual looking for more integration of your heart and mind in your current job, a creative soul born with an itch looking for new ways to show up in the world or an analytical mind wanting to explore new ways of being with your heart in mind, or simply think your heart is missing from your life, this project is for you!

The Heart Project in 2014 is going to be both practical and reflective; you can drop in at any time and together we will create a community where you will learn more about yourself in an hour than you would learn in a year alone!

There are several ways you can join in and a new portal is getting ready for all of us to connect. Amongst the many benefits you will have access to material on neuroscience, your brain and how it works with emotions, practical work on integrating your heart and mind, monthly Heart Circles and much more! Watch out for details soon!

I am looking forward to connecting with you on this fabulous adventure in 2014!

From the heart,



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