On Transformation -Part 2.

Last week I wrote about transformation https://beheartsmartblog.wordpress.com/2013/11/29/there-is-only-one-journey-going-inside-yourself-rainer-maria-rilke/and I want to take you through another layer of it this week.
As I lived my way through my professional and personal life this week, I have faced a few new ideas that really helped me leverage on the learning I am experiencing about transformation.


I am discovering that transformation-which is, by definition, a deep process of internal or external change, that manifest either  within ourselves or in our circumstance-has parts and pieces that serve us to see why it is so essential for our growth. Building this knowledge into our psyche and feeding our emotional stamina will then take us to a new level of awareness and ultimately assist us to grow as a human being.


Whether you are going through a deep personal change, fighting your circumstances or trying to figure out what is next for you, let me share with you what I make of transformation.


The most important element of transformation is HONEST AWARENESS. Many of clients struggle to admit the reality of their lives. They swirl around it for weeks, scared of saying the truth of their circumstances and speak from how it “should” look like rather than how “it is”. They defend their positions by bringing up excuses such as blaming their partners, ex-partners, their jobs, finances or limitations. These all feed into the story we are accustomed to tell ourselves and others. When we start naming where the actual challenge is, they get scared BUT they also get liberated from the shackles and chains of their own thinking. When we name self-respect, lack of confidence, a painful childhood, experiences of past failure, we start clearing the fog that settled in the brain and stop us from acting from our true self. When we are Honestly Aware of where and how we contribute to the situation we are in, we get to choose from a place of integrity.


Transformation is really just long-winded, self-perpetuating suffering without COURAGE and HEART. To transform yourself you really need to grab your courage and go deep in your guts to act. This is where your heart plays the most important part. Deep down, in your heart, you always know what you want, who you want and where you want to be. Always. You just need to let that heart speak, throw yourself into the space and  everything else will take care of itself. Cynics- I know you are out there-please pay close attention to this. I know the power of the brain, logic and intellectually engineered decisions. I also know that the greatest successes in the world were always created from the heart! Businesses, marriages, soulful  lives, astonishing adventures have always been driven by the heart! Are you still listening? Or you went into your head and the voice of reason, doubt and logistics took over- I thought so. While I love your brain, what the world wants to know about you is what is in your heart! And do not talks about it with words, show it with your actions! Take steps, however small- start writing that business plan you have been dreaming about, tell someone who love them, buy flowers to someone you hurt, contact a long-lost friend…you know what you need to do! Let your heart guide you!


Finally, the process of transformation is only really transformative when we BUIILD IN the learning into our psyche! This is where you let yourself go and allow life and God to bring you what you really need because the universe knows it more than you do. Deep listening from the heart is essential to hear not what we want to hear but what we must hear to grow!


You thought about what you want, you acted and now you are listening to what you need next. It might be another step, a break of silence and waiting for results, evaluation, building up self-confidence…whatever it is, it is on its way to you. Just watch, listen and be aware.


I think this is how we grow. What do you think?


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