Heart Power

Well, I am not and have never been a cynic about the power of the heart. Working on my book is a tremendous pleasure and I love the research part of my work that basically forces me to watch a lot of very interesting videos about the heart and the mind…. I know, I really love my job!

The heart is in the centre of coaching and I have been ever son fascinated by people and their hearts! I also value intellectual rigour and neuroscience (this is the smarty pants part of my personality) so I have been journeying between the two fields. At times, I am swimming in both, actually and  see how more and more integration helps people create better lives for themselves while they also serve others!

So, today is Friday. It is the weekend and we do not want to work too hard so I just want to give you a few pieces to watch and be amazed by the intricate magic that takes place in our formation ..and beyond! Most of it is scientific, some of it is spiritual but it is all relevant to every one of us and it is simply mind-bogglingly beautiful!

Please get in touch if you want to discuss this further with me, I love conversing about this topic!

So here it goes:



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