The 3 questions of life


“The brain gives the heart its sights; the heart gives the brain its vision. The heart holds answers the brain refuses to see” (Rob Kall)

Today is the last day of July. We are officially half way through 2013 as well as we are in the last 10 days of yet another blessed month. As part of my personal reflection I skimmed through my notes, promises I made in the beginning of the year and aspirations I wanted to pursue in 2013. I have been reminded that there are 3 fundamental questions we will be engaging with regardless of our age, profession or postal address:


Where am I in life? Where do I want to be? What path do I choose to get there?
These questions are constant; our answers will be different all the time! Yet, these are the questions we always have to ask ourselves because they are the essence of our life. Knowing where we are in life (some of us really want to know why and where we came from…), where we are heading and what path do we choose to get to where we want to go?


Growth is a continuous process and we cannot live life being imprisoned by our own freedom! We must keep asking questions, although living them is often harder than finding the answers! By living the questions we slow down and this sweet slowness draws us nearer to wisdom. In slowness we find discomfort but there has to be some discomfort to gain anything in life. So let’s take a deep breath and start asking those questions, from the heart. Let’s slow down and shut out the manic rush and the chaotic schedules. Let’s find the natural rhythm of the heart and feel its beat. It is hard to beat the rhythm naturally when we are regimented!
Take the time to ask questions about your life! Sink into quiet resistance to the craze around you and start asking from the heart: Where am I in life? Where do I want to be? What path do I choose to get there?



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