The Heart Project

untitledI am excited to share with you that I have embarked on a journey to write a book based on stories of the Heart and Purpose.

My journey started when I was a young girl, witnessing my own yearning to live from my heart fully and create a life story that would express that deep yearning.

When I became a coach, I wanted to help others find their purpose and help them live life to the fullest. Over the years, I realized how honoured  I was to help people  find their inner strength, courage and meaning in the world. Through coaching I managed to tap into my own heart and I have witnessed people who have overcome astonishing obstacles and come out with amazing grace and dignity relying on their heart as the most powerful tool. I believe our stories can change lives and this inspired me to write this book.

I have started The Heart Project just a while ago as part of my purpose in this world- bringing people’s hearts alive. There are many elements to this project- running my coaching practice, monthly talking sessions, Mastermind classes, workshops and many more. As part of this project I have designed a survey through which I would like to gather stories, wisdom and inspiration of 100 people. The questions are open ended, requiring some thought. I am asking you to reflect on what your heart means to you, what it brings to your life and how you use it as a tool for success.

If you have not filled the survey yet, you can find it here:

Also, please share this project with others who might benefit from it!
With love and gratitude,


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