Live from the Heart, live your Purpose

What is the connection between living form the heart and living on purpose? – this is a question I get asked very often. As I was getting ready for a talk this morning, I reflected on the nature of purposeful living and I while acknowledged that life is, indeed, constant change, our purpose is the pole that holds those change cycles together, so we do not spiral out of control.

We all question our purpose at some point in our lives. Some of us do it when after some soul-searching we notice the void, when something is not quite right; something is missing. Others come to a crossroad and want to figure out what on earth happened? How did things end up like this? And what can they do to change it? Some of lovely clients are just tired of “buying happiness” because they know that the adult toys, boats, houses do not do it any longer.

When we live life on purpose it reflects who we really are deep inside- our passion, beliefs, values manifest themselves in everything we do, every choice we make and every step we take. It IS about following our heart’s yearning and doing it with passion. Life on purpose is beyond the superficial, busy day-to-day chores and demands of our job, kids or life in general.  Beyond that there is one question- Do you live your life as if it really matters?

Do you wake up in the morning feeling that no matter how tough life is, there is a reason and purpose behind it? Do you contemplate on what you are going to bring to other people during the day? Do you feel that your life matters in this vast, amazing universe?

I figured 3 steps that help me to focus on my purpose:

  1. Aligning my life with my natural gifts- What am I really good at? How can I live in a way that my values and my actions do not contradict each other?
  2. Determination- without focus, reflection, courage and hard work I never got anywhere. I only manage to keep my purpose alive when I give it time to bubble, I act on what I am destined to do and keep deepening my understanding of my purpose. It is a deeply personal journey and it takes determination to go deep in my heart to find what keeps my fire going when life seems to be against me. (when, in fact, it is only supporting my growth and clarification).
  3. Maintaining humility- I know now that greed, power, ego, fame and fortune have no place in a life lived on purpose.

And what is this if not living from the Heart?

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