Love, actually!

I love the word love! It sounds like an echo from the depth of a cave. It looks like a string you are pulling, gently, playfully! It is inviting and intriguing as much as it is scary and it is not a light word. It carries weight and substance.


The word Love is perhaps the most obvious word associated with the heart. I am sure you think I am going to write about relationship love. No, I am afraid, I won’t. I want to remind myself about love in general and how we can serve others by loving- an art highly praised but rarely practised in our world today. I want to start my week by remembering that the work I do is out of love, designing a workshop or home-educating my children is out of love, living my life the way I do is out of love and reaching out to God is out of love. Talking to my friends is out of love, Skyping my mother is out of love, writing is out of a deep love that is hard to describe with words.


I know one thing for sure- one of our greatest powers is love. It is also within our power to decide how much of it we give, how much we appreciate, how much we compliment each other, how we show gratitude and how we speak well of others. None of these things are easy, I admit. But love is an action, a choice. Love is a practice we should incorporate into our daily life. To love is to choose to show up to be devoted to the Divine through people.


“Love is a constant offering to serve to the heart of the person you are in a relationship with. Love is a constant surrendering of your protective ego, so that the heart can open even more and show you the unknown beauty of its depths.” (unknown). I love this quote as it reminds me to push aside my ego and let others in. It teaches me that love is a dynamic, changing action, a selfless flow of abundance in service of others and something universal.


I also know, maybe not for sure, that Love is not a power trip but a humble and subtle power that guides me to grow into a person of giving. Love asks me to see beyond the fear of my own self, my clients and my children and to dive deeper even though all I want is to run!


Love does not march in with pomp and loud noise. Love crawls in and it whispers. Love silently beckons us to get over ourselves so that we can see the beauty that lay within us and every other soul.



Our greatest job is to Love. That is all.


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