The Heart is the King and the Mind is the Vizier

I am certain that if I ask you a question related to the intelligence of your brain (I.Q.) you would know where you stand. I assume you would struggle with the intelligence of your heart.

There are many reasons why that is understandable- the way the brain works is linear and logical, therefore it is easier to measure. The way brain analyzes, memorizes and compartmentalizes information is easier to recognize its patterns. The way it sorts things through and shelves the information we need makes it more tangible to comprehend how it works and what it does for its own intelligence.

The heart, however, is rather different. As it receives information in a more intuitive, direct manner, we often dismiss it as an illogical, undergraduate organ that needs the brain to complete its degree to qualify for success. (I dare you any time about this theory, just get in touch if so you wish).

I trust the heart as a sophisticated, mature organ that makes very powerful decisions. I know for sure that even when we feel that the heart let us down, he just guided us to a place where we needed to be! So below is my theory why the heart is the king and the brain is the vizier! (You see, it is neither of them being the boss, it is great co-operation!)

  • The heart’s intelligence is the humanistic type. It cares about other people. It is the place where our emotions sit and if you can convince me that you can rationalize your emotions and shut them out for the sake of “playing safe”, you are a genius! You may be able to suppress emotions, but not rationalize them! You may be able to give a speech about emotions but when they hit you then you really start living.

Emotions can only show up when we actually care about other people. When we rationalize why we should not care about someone or avoid them, we are only avoiding ourselves and the truth!

The heart’s intelligence is compassion, empathy, appreciation and gratitude ( more on this in my blog piece about Heart Virtues)

  •  The brain’ s view of our life is often  selfish and pessimistic as if it expects the worst to happen to us. And, I am telling you, when you expect the worst, it will certainly catch you.

The heart, on the other hand, is hopeful, trusting, optimistic and generous by nature.

  •  The heart produces nurturing, compassionate states of being while the brain often produces arrogance. I often experience this in a corporate environment that …yes, at times, I can cut arrogance in the air. But I  also love the feeling when I find the human being behind the suit. When I see vulnerability as a tool for deeper self-exploration and discovery. When being human is more important than being a profit making clog. When hearts speak, I see a different person in that suit! And I suspect that person feels different in that suit, too!
  •  The heart starts beating before the nervous system is fully developed. Until today scientists have not identified what causes the heart to start beating.  So the heart does not need a command from the brain to start beating, its command comes from somewhere else. People of faith believe it comes from the Highest order and it absolutely makes sense when we think of our heart guidance. The heart guides us towards achieving our highest potential, which, I do not think the brain could master up as easily. You all know the difference  when you have strategized and thought up all the wonderful steps you can take to achieve something but that something just does not feel right. Equally, you know when you just feel that something is right but you have no words or theories to explain logically to yourself, let alone to others!

So keep listening to your heart, no matter how impossible it sounds because  “When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.” 

― Milan KunderaThe Unbearable Lightness of Being


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