“The longest journey you will ever make is between your heart and your mind” (G.Z.)

Do you make heart or brain decisions? I must admit, I have never regretted a heart decision but I often questioned my decision based purely on rationale. This, in no way, implies that I do not use my brain! In fact, far from it! I think my brain is the busiest organ in my body that at times just wants to explode!  Nevertheless, the dance between my heart and brain still fascinates me.

As I was coming out of my meditation practice this morning I wished I could place my brain in my heart! How much easier life would be! But I guess we are designed the way we are precisely for this reason – to figure out when we need the brain and when we must rely on our heart!


The heart guides, the brain navigates.


The heart is smart, the brain is sharp.


The heart opens, the brain expands.


The heart softens our reality; the brain sharpens the resolution of our life.


It is the heart that feels what is right for us but the brain creates strategies to move towards it.


It is the heart that whispers secrets while the brain gives verdicts and judgements.


It is the heart that gets irritated when we do something wrong or we are wronged but it is the brain that articulates it.


It is the heart that knows when someone or something is right for us.


It is the heart that feels but it is the brain that articulates those feelings.


It is the heart that roars courage but the brain whispers fears.


It is the heart where love resides but it is the brain where the language of love lives.


The heart wants connection, the brain wants solutions.


The heart craves warmth, the brain builds shields.


It is the heart that yearns for spirituality but the brain finds ways towards it. The brain believes but the heart has faith!


The truth is that our heart is the centre of our being and the more heart-centred we live, the more satisfied we become. I battle with syncing the heart and the brain every day. Some days I win, other days I bleed to death on the battlefield. But the point is, this is a process and neither the heart nor the brain is supposed to win! It is a process of engaging in understanding when the heart should take precedent or when the brain should be activated. Our life is a gentle process of understanding how thinking and feeling creates a harmonious dance together so we can move into being!


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