My will or God’s will? That is the question…Part 1. Are you a victim or a leader?

Many people argue that living life according to God’s will is a misnomer. I am not here to make a case for those who believe or those who do not in the higher power, God, universal intelligence or whatever name they use. I , for one, am a great believer of divine wisdom, intelligent guidance and life affirming truth that shines through all human beings’ life. (Watch out for my other posts on relying on God). As an ex-Buddhist and a seeker for truth and peace I have gone around this topic a million times. I arrive to the same conclusion- that life happens for us, not to us! Now, whether you call this universal wisdom or divine intervention, the important part is this: You can look at life as a victim or as the leader. Your success in life lies in that truth. What you do with what life offers is the key to your success-whether personal or business. God can only support those who do their work, strive to find conclusions and dare to move towards their mission. When we dare, God provides all the tools and circumstances we need to succeed.

Before I go any further, let me define what I mean by victim and leader. These are roles we take in every sphere of our life and it is not specific to any job or stage of life. Whether you are a homemaker, a volunteer for a charity, an elderly woman struggling with cancer or a CEO of a multinational company, your actions can and will stem from these roles. Whether you are sending your kids off to school in the morning or signing off am important project (or doing both at the same time), you can do that from a victim or a leader perspective. Being a victim or being a leader is a mindset, a frame of thinking and a frame of reference.

So are you a victim or a leader?

Think just about anyone who is successful, whether in their personal life or in business. Got it? What do they have? How do they show up in their activities? What do they demonstrate to the rest of the world? What makes them stand out?

Victims blame others for their failures, leaders learn from it. Victims nurse their hurt and disappointments for a long time, leaders nurture their learning and cherish its wisdom. Victims rely on others to define things for them; leaders create themselves from their own resources.  Victims find excuses, leaders look for solutions. Victims use the colour grey, leaders shine. Victims tend their mind, leaders focus on their heart. Victims disappear in the crowd, leaders stand out. Victims fall and stay down, leaders evolve and rise just about anything (eventually. ..)

Victims whisper, leaders articulate themselves. Victims hum the song of their pain and hurt, leaders write symphonies of their life. Victims carry a gun, leaders disarm. Victims burn slowly, leaders fire people up around them. Victims rehearse over and over again, leaders improvise. Victims attend lectures, leaders teach how to lecture. Victims cry for food, leaders grow their own. Victims sit passively, leaders move actively.

Victimhood is poisonous, leadership is contagious. You want to be a leader of your own life not because you are arrogant, pushy or want control but because you were given the responsibility to make the best of your short life here on earth (some of us believe this responsibility comes from God) and because you respect yourself enough to accept nothing but the best. Nothing else but the truth and what is authentic.  Being a leader is not a position, it is a privilege. Being a victim is a self-imposed mental and emotional state which will cripple you in every possible way. So how do you want to be in the world today- as a victim or as a leader?

Watch out for the next 2 posts on this topic:

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