Your Life from the top of the mountains

Today is Friday and it is a beautiful day. As I sip my freshly brewed coffee I stare out to the open from the windowsill of a massive mansion. We had the fire on in the old, traditional French fireplace last night and the ash is still burning giving out its warm glow . The wide windowsill is covered with beautiful sheep skin and comfortable, colourful cushions with Palestinian patterns supporting me while I stare at the gorge spreading out underneath me. Through the little wooden  window frame the view is stunning. I am in Le Puy en Velay, in Le Massif Central, one of the three major mountain ranges in France. This is the place where the puy lentil originates from and my host aptly served me an amazingly delicious salad made from her first harvest of lentil this year.

As I sip coffee, I take stock. I make up an image of my life and place it out there, in the gorge, amongst the beautiful mountains. How does my life look like from up here? How do I look like from this cosy little place  as a  coach, friend, mother, daughter, the sensitive one, the passionate one, the hearty woman and all the other titles I wear? How does my life look like from this warm place when I go through the thunder and lightning of my life? I learn that my life looks different from the top of the mountain.  I contemplate, I hear the church bells from the only church of this sleepy little village. Each beat goes through my body, touching my innermost being arousing my energy, waking me up with each sound echoing  in me. It beats me into awakening like the coffee smacks me awake with each sip, strengthening me, giving me enthusiasm for life, opening my heart bit by bit.

I take my time to connect with my heart because I know that I am here for good reasons. When the mountains open my heart, how can I shut it to the beauties of God? When the fresh air is piercing through me how can I not warm up to the bounties of God? When there is fresh, organic , wholesome food how can I not be grateful? When there are people who care about my wellbeing, how can I not feel humbled? When your life is dependent on the weather conditions in the harsh mountain ranges how can I  not feel dependant on Him?

From the top of the mountains the hardest journeys in life look easier and manageable. When you take time and look at your life from above, it might just look inspiring! You learn that you have gone through what you have been through for a very good reason- to find your path. From the top you can see where you got lost but you can also see that by being lost you found so many beauties on your way to your destination- your inner strength, perseverance, truth and God.

Today take some time and see your life from the top. Find a mountain and reflect on your journey. If there is no mountain, make it up! See your life from a distance and learn to love all that you see about it! Open your heart so God can open doors for you


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