Courage sits in the heart

I owe you an apology. I keep writing about being heart smart but I have not actually explained what I mean by “heart”. In any tradition, spiritual or religious, there is always a distinction between physical and spiritual heart. All ancient traditions considered the heart the centre of emotions and our character as they knew that it is the centre of inner strength. People of heart are people living in and from their core. So being heart smart is being able to live from your innermost being.

The more I study this subject, the more fascinated I become. The word heart, by its definition, refers to our inner most being. The Arabic word for heart is lubb, which comes from Latin and provides the same root for courage! In essence, courage and heart are interrelated and without heart there is no courage. Similarly, without courage there is no heart! How powerful that is!

Living from our core is, indeed, an act of courage. In my very first coaching training we were told that choosing fulfilment is a radical act. Clients will KNOW, they will ABSOLUTELY know what fulfilment would mean for them is. Will they choose it all the time? NO! Because it is an act of courage and now, 5 years knew deep in my profession I truly understand this. It is not easy to say the naked truth. It is not easy to choose when everything else seems to be against us. It is a radical act to stand up for our heart’s truth but if we do not, we do not choose courage.  What else is there to choose? Yes, you guessed: opt out from courage is the slow but sure death of our spirit.

I probably assume what you are thinking- that courage is loud, it is hurting other people, it is about being selfish and self-centered. I used to think the same. However, the more I see how people change their lives around based on small but consistent steps, getting up in the morning, doing their courageous acts daily , the more this quote makes sense to me: Courage doesn’t always roar.  Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow (Mary Anne Radmacher).

We all want big things but with lack of courage we do not even do little things for it! We all crave for stuff- a more loving relationship, our new business venture, a more fulfilling life, a bigger house, or finding our ideal partner! What small and courageous acts do we need to take to start walking towards them? Only you would know and believe me, once you know it, you will see how your courage is rewarded abundantly! ( Yes, even the people you might have hurt will stand behind you when they truly resonate with your courage and heart truth).

You will fail in some things, no doubt, but you will also progress in other things tremendously! You will be scared of taking your steps but think of it this way- success is little bites of courage today, every day!

So, what is your courageous act today?


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